How to Host Your Own Fireworks Display

Collaborative Post¦ Attending an official fireworks display on Bonfire Night is great fun for all the family, but this doesn’t give you the same level of freedom compared to hosting your own display in your garden. By hosting your own fireworks display, you can plan out the perfect show and celebrate on an occasion that’s special to you – as long as you warn your neighbours first!

However, if you’re planning your own fireworks display, there’s a lot of preparation involved. Here’s how you can host a magical fireworks display in your own garden.

Buy high-quality fireworks

To keep everyone safe and also ensure that you have an amazing display, you should only buy fireworks from reputable retailers. Tampering with fireworks or making your own can be extremely dangerous, so you should stick to buying them to stay on the safe side. Nowadays, you can find a wide selection of fireworks online and in physical stores, so it’s not difficult to stock up on some high-quality fireworks for your display. These fireworks should come with important instructions and safety information, which you should always read before setting up your display.

Mark out a safe area

After you’ve bought your fireworks, you can get started on preparing your garden for the fireworks display. Most importantly, you need to establish a safe distance between where the fireworks are lit and where your family and friends will stand. Your fireworks should tell you this distance on the box, so make sure you check this information. Once you know the correct distance, mark out this area in your garden to let everyone know where they can safely stand. This will reduce the risk of accidents.

Lighting the fireworks

When it comes to lighting the fireworks, only one person should be involved. This is because things can get confusing if multiple people are lighting fireworks, which can lead to accidents. For example, someone could try to approach and light a firework that’s already been lit if they didn’t realise someone else had done it first. Also, if everyone except one person is meant to be staying in the safe area, it’ll be easy to spot when someone isn’t in the correct place.

Keep some buckets of water

As another safety precaution, you should keep a bucket of water near you as you light the fireworks. This will help you dispose of fireworks safely or potentially deal with an emergency if one arises. To stay extra safe, keep a few buckets of water around the garden as well.


You’ll definitely need some buckets of water around the safe area if you plan on handing out some sparklers, as this will help people dispose of their sparklers safely. Children under five shouldn’t be allowed to hold a sparkler, but if there are older children at the fireworks display, then they can hold a sparkler under adult supervision. To keep these kids safe, make sure they understand how to hold and extinguish their sparklers before they get one.

Hosting a fireworks display in your garden can be an absolutely magical experience, but it’s important to take precautions to ensure everyone stays safe. Follow the advice in this article to learn how to host an amazing fireworks display that everyone can enjoy.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.