New Build Essentials Homeowners Need To Know

Collaborative Post¦ If you are planning on building your own new property, the chances are that you already have a folder full of things that you can’t wait to put into practice. It does not matter whether you have entrusted the bulk of the work to a contractor or whether you are planning on being involved at every step of the way, there are always going to be the things that you know you need. Here are a few essentials that you need to think about.

Know Your Budget

Before we get started on the essentials, it is crucial that you have a very clear idea of the budget that you are working with. Costs are going up everywhere right now, and you do not want to find that you have run out of funds during the building process. Sit down with your accountant and your partner and set a firm upper limit.

Be Ready For The Cold (And Heat)

If you are committing to a new build, then you have the opportunity to build a home that is going to be better equipped to deal with the kind of extreme temperatures that we have started seeing here in the UK. That means that you should already be thinking about insulation, but you also need to think about your heating options. Air source heat pumps can help you to keep your energy costs down, but there is a lot on the market, and they can be very expensive. If you are looking for the best air source heat pumps out there and you want to find out more, visit the Federation of Master Builders. They have compiled a list of the best on the market, and they have other resources to help.

Set Your Timetable

Anyone who has ever built a home before will tell you that things will always take longer than you think they will. It does not matter how carefully you plan, there are always going to be some delays (more on that in a moment). But if you do not set yourself a move-in date, then you run the risk of things spiralling out of control very quickly. Giving yourself a deadline will reduce the temptation to keep adding and changing things as you go.

Check Your Suppliers

One of the most important things that anyone embarking on a project like this needs to be aware of at the moment is that there are still major supply shortages that every sector is going through. Whether it is the result of the pandemic, the global conflict or Brexit, we are seeing a lot of serious delays and we are not just talking about people being stuck in never-ending queues at Dover. You need to make sure that you stay in touch with your contractors and suppliers about whether or not they expect any delays to their delivery dates, and factor in the potential for disappointment in your schedule. You do not want to be stuck waiting for the crucial missing piece.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.