5 Best Après-Ski Activities You Should Try

People who have been going on ski holidays every winter religiously know that it is not just the skiing that makes this type of holiday worth it.

Of course, skiing and snowboarding play a crucial role in the quality of every resort; the pistes will always be the main attraction that brings in visitors.

However, after long hours of sliding up and down the slopes, skiers need to relax and socialise with people. Additionally, not everyone who goes to a ski resort knows or likes skiing. Ski resort owners know these two facts and offer a wide range of après-ski activities in order to satisfy everyone. Most of the time visitors will need to book ski passes in order to have access to more opportunities in a wider ski area. People can search all the available ski passes, such as beginner or family ones, on Erna Low and book the one that matches with their needs in advance. What are most people’s favourite après-ski?

  1. Snowshoeing

If you are intrigued by the idea of learning how to ski but you are afraid of it, you should start with snowshoeing. What is that? You wear snowshoes or skis and you go for a walk in the mountains. There might be special trails that you can follow. This is a fun activity that you should do with your fellow travellers – it might be boring if you go snowshoeing on your own.

  • Snowmobile ride

Another fun group activity you can do is to go on a snowmobile ride. Snowmobiles look a lot like quad bikes but they move on snow. This is a great way to explore the mountains without getting tired or being divided from your travel group. In most ski resorts, if you have a driving licence for a car, you are allowed to drive a snowmobile.

  • Wellness centres

Not all activities have to be outside, in the cold. Almost all ski resorts have a wellness and fitness centre. There you will find a swimming pool and spa facilities. Especially after a long skiing practice, your body will be grateful for some cooling down and relaxation. If you still have energy to exercise, there are some group fitness lessons, such as Pilates, Zumba or yoga. This can be a fun way to meet other skiers.

  • Restaurants

After so much exercising, you must be ravenous. You will probably find at least a couple restaurants in the resort. You can even travel to the nearby town and grab a bite there. You should do your research about the food options in the area if you have special dietary needs or you crave a particular cuisine.

  • Bars

The best way to end any night during holidays is by having a drink with your fellow travellers. A nice cocktail and a bit of dancing will lift up your spirits even more and it will help you sleep better at night so that you can have an even better -if that is possible- day in a few hours.

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