How To Make Exercise Work With Your Life (Not Against It)

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Collaborative Post¦ If you are looking after your health properly you are going to feel the benefits in every part of your life. We can certainly feel that our children are taking our energy from us on occasion, which is why it’s more important than ever to exercise in the right way. But how can we do this appropriately to ensure that we feel the benefits? 

Remember the Importance of Health First

So many people talk about exercising, when in fact the first thing to do is to dial in your health. Diet is 80% of your health and exercise is merely 20% of it. So this is why, if you are going to start exercising, ensuring that you are eating right is the most important step because it’s going to help you feel better, but when you do start exercising, it will also help you recover. Having a protein powder high in BCAA (branch chain amino acids) in conjunction with a healthy diet is going to help you recover quicker. We have to remember that when we are exercising as a parent, we need to take into account rest and recovery. So if your child is not sleeping this is going to mean you may take longer to recover. So rather than going back to your exercise routine after a couple of days, it may be a week or even longer! 

Exercising in Short Bursts

This is a vital part of how we can fit it into our lives. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being able to crank out a few press-ups here and there. There are also exercises like isometrics that literally take a matter of seconds that have amazing benefits. And rather than thinking that we need to hit the gym for a couple of hours to really feel the benefits, we have to remember that exercise has a cumulative effect. Because the goal is to give your body the signals to grow, repair, and become stronger. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how you send the signals, just as long as they are strong enough! 

Choose the Right Exercises for Your Lifestyle

Exercise doesn’t have to feel like a mentally exhausting experience. Exercise can be fun! Dance classes, yoga classes, and even just running around with your kids are all things that can help you keep fit. We can place a lot of emphasis on the fact that trying to keep fit should be about straining under a barbell or running 6 miles until we can’t breathe. The reality is far simpler. Doing things that get your heart pumping and can increase your strength gradually over time so you feel the benefits. Because if you really want to go to the gym and annihilate your body, you are going to have to take a lot longer to recover. So instead, do the things that actually work with you and work with your life. 


If you want to exercise, that is an amazing thing. And looking after your health should be your priority, this is why you have got to take the right stance on exercise so it works with your life, not against it.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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