Review: Baba West and your children’s health

Review (Gifted)¦ You may remember that when I was pregnant with Reuben in 2020, I reviewed some gorgeous products from Zita West. Fast forward a year and a half and I’ve been trying out some gorgeous products from Baba West. Their range covers multiple aspects of young children’s health; from vitamins, to sleep to sore little baby’s bottoms.

We were sent Baba West’s Zinc & Calendula Cream and Kidskalm Biotic sachets to review.

Baba West cream and biotic sachet

Before we take a closer look at them, I just want to briefly mention the packaging. The watercolour designs on the boxes are beautiful and the boxes themselves feel a really nice quality; an early indicator of the quality you’ll find in the product inside. The jar the cream is in feels luxurious and would make a wonderful addition to a hamper for a newborn!

Zinc & Calendula Cream

I am very picky about what I use on my children’s skin, especially as babies. I think I’m quite wary as I have sensitive skin myself. Therefore, I love products like Baba West’s Zinc & Calendula cream which is 100% natural and unfragranced. It is “made with pure plant oils, organic beeswax, home-grown herbs, zinc oxide & nothing else”.

It’s not just for baby’s bums either. It can be used on all the family from head to toe to hydrate and calm skin, creating a “breathable, moisture repellent barrier”.

Not only has it helped Reuben’s teething nappy rash, I’ve enjoyed using it too. My hands are definitely what you’d classify as hard-working hands. They’re so dry and cracked from being in and out of water. This cream feels lovely to apply, gliding onto the skin. My hands feel soothed and they definitely help to protect them when I’m cleaning the house. Plus, it doesn’t sting me unlike a lot of hand creams do upon application.

Baba West Zinc & Calendula Cream

Kidskalm Biotic Sachets

It is amazing how important our gut health is to the rest of our health too. Digestion, immunity, mood, skin and sleep are all impacted by the balance in our bellies. Each Kidskalm Biotic Sachet contains 5 billion of the friendly bacteria Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. They’re vegan, gluten free, GMO free and don’t contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. You don’t even have to refrigerate them!

Although they don’t contain any flavourings or sugar, they don’t taste horrible. In fact, they don’t really taste of anything. In fact, mixed into some squash or fruit juice, your child wouldn’t even know it was there. The first sachet we used, I sprinkled into some orange juice and got Autumn to try it. She said “It’s just normal fruit juice!” after the first sip, giggled and drank the rest.

Biotics are so important and these are such an easy way to get them into children. They can even be sprinkled onto (cold) food!  They’re suitable from the ages of 1-12, so after a stomach bug I gave some to Reuben to help balance his little tummy out. Of course, as well as being a good idea generally, they’re ideal for helping to balance children’s gut health back out after antibiotics. Autumn can be so fussy about things like this, so the fact that she didn’t cause a scene is testament to how good these are.

Kidskalm biotic sachet

Zinc & Calendula cream retails for £26.99 and Kidskalm Biotic Sachets are £19.99 for a box of 28. Alternatively, you can subscribe for a discount! You can find the whole range on the Baba West website.


Disclosure: I received the aforementioned products for the purpose of this review. As always, all view and opinions are honest and my own.

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