Relaxation in Pregnancy and Beyond with Zita West

Gifted¦ At 26 weeks of pregnancy, I am definitely needing little luxuries and self-care. Perhaps more so as I suspect I have pelvic girdle pain (ugh) and am being referred to a physiotherapist. I’d never previously heard of Zita West, but I was recently sent some products to try out. The Zita West Fertility Clinic in London is an IVF clinic with a full range of fertility treatments. Their product range caters to women trying to conceive, as well as supporting them through pregnancy and the postpartum period. Keep reading to see what I tried and how I got on!

My Pregnancy Home Spa Experience

Bath and Meditation

There’s nothing like having a good pamper at home. Of the things I was sent, I was perhaps most excited to try the Restore and Renew Lavender Bath Oil. I think it’s technically meant to be for the postpartum period, as it is meant to be good for soothing the perineum. With that in mind, I’ll save the rest for the fourth trimester. However, it’s been wonderful submerging myself into the soft and silky water. Not much is needed to create such a lovely aroma, which was more powerful than I expected. It has been wonderful for making my mind and body feel relaxed.

Zita West candle and lavender bath oil

Meanwhile, the Uplifting Orange Clove and Cedarwood Candle has also really added to my soothing bath experiences and meditation. It has a lovely, slightly zingy fragrance which makes you feel more awake as well as relaxing you. Even better, it is made from 100% natural wax and pure essential oils. The simple yet classy design will fit in with each room. It also comes in a lovely presentation gift, so would make a wonderful and thoughtful gift (as would the rest of these products).

Zita West orange clove and cedarwood candle

Post-Bath Bliss

At the end of the day (or even better, after a relaxing bath), I’ve also been enjoying using the Beautiful Belly Balm and Back Ease Massage Oil. I already have a lot of stretch marks from my first pregnancy. I think at this point all the stretch marks I have are old rather than new, but it’s difficult to tell! However, the belly balm has definitely helped to moisturise my skin and soothe the horrible itching I’ve felt due to the skin stretching so fast. It feels quite light unlike other stretch mark creams I’ve tried in the past and has a gentle fragrance. Again, it contains natural plant extracts. This is a plus for me, as I like to keep the products I use as natural as possible, especially when pregnant.

Zita West bump cream and massage oil

Last but not least, the back ease massage oil is wonderful. It has a gentle lemon and lime smell and feels fantastic being massaged onto my poor back which is already struggling with the weight of my bump! Having the tensions of the day rubbed away with this, particularly after using the above products too, makes me feel like a new woman. This will be great for when I’m in labour too.

Final Thoughts

I’m very grateful to have been sent these products to try. I’ve definitely been needing more and more TLC as I’ve gone through the second trimester – and these have provided that. I wouldn’t hesitate to try other products from Zita West either, as these have been great. If you know someone who is pregnant and perhaps a bit frazzled, these could well be the perfect gift!

Disclosure: I was gifted the aforementioned items for the purpose of this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own. 


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