7 Reasons to Choose Hoop Earrings as Opposed to Studs

Collaborative Post¦ Hoop earrings represent a popular fashion in earring circles. They are the bolder alternative to stud earrings for those who like their jewellery to be noticed and be noticed for their jewellery. They are available in a range of materials including 9ct gold and silver, for the precious metal look and statement of luxury.

25mm gold hoop earrings are a popular combination of size and material that is not too large for many to cope with. They can be worn while going about our everyday lives as well as when we dress up for an event that is a chance to shows off how beautiful we can look.


Hoops can draw the eye towards a face in that they stand out more. They make more of a fashion statement. It is the difference between a small or large bauble adorning a Christmas Tree, depending on the size of hoop you choose. It is the loop representing a circle shape that compliments the jaw and cheekbones. It defines your features in terms of the shade and shapes it creates.

The drop with a hoop earring has a different look about it to something which can appear flat and uninteresting. If you like an earring to have a degree of dangle, then go for a hoop earring.


What Do Hoop Earrings Symbolize?

Hoop earrings symbolize international fashion and strength. Because they are a circle, they show unity, wholeness, and infinity. They are considered something of a staple in terms of Latin culture. For the immigrants and minorities of Europe and America, they became a symbol of their identity and strength against discrimination and resistance. If you want to be that bold, confident person who is not marginalized, then go for the hoop earring look.


The tradition of Hoop Earrings

During the 1960s and 1970s, the hoop earring was associated with African beauty. This was when they were seen being worn by the likes of Angela Davis and Nina Simone. There is also, of course, that association with Romany people. The gypsies, and fortune-tellers of their day. This adds an element of mystery to the look and a visual association with what the earring could represent in that sense.



Stud earrings tend to be too small for many, which is why hoop earrings will be chosen as their alternative. The greater size with hoop earrings will represent a certain look. A bolder look. A desire to be noticed by those around us. It is those not quite sure about their identity that will tend to wear stud earrings. Perhaps when we go to work, we will wear the more subtle studs and then more bravely change to hoop earrings for an evening out.



Lightweight hoop earrings are an easy choice to wear. Small hoop earrings are comfortable to wear for the whole day. In exchange for whatever their weight becomes, hoop earrings will show more than the stud option.



There is more choice with regards to size when you go for a hoop earring. With studs, they tend to be a similar size and then a choice of plain or whichever gemstone to make them different. With hooped earrings, you have a choice of different diameters and therefore how big you go.


Pierced Ears

If you have pierced ears, then hoop earrings are good to keep the holes open. This is as opposed to a flatter clip-on earring that you could go for otherwise.


Hoop earrings are available to buy online, where you can spend as long as you like deciding, as well as in shops down the high street selling a range of jewellery at different levels of luxury. Many will be attracted to gold because of its shiny appearance and investment value. It will always look shiny on its wearer.

It is good to have all types of earrings in your collection. It then gives you a choice. You might choose the stud for work and then the hoop earring for best. If hoop earrings make you happy, then wear them as often as you can. We do not have to dress all the time as if we had a job interview. Although, small hoop earrings would be perfectly acceptable in every situation, whether formal or informal.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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