3 Eye-Catching Landscape Designs for Your Home

Collaborative Post¦ The majority of householders will be as concerned about the outside of their home as the inside. That is, they will want it to look pleasing to the eye in terms of its curb appeal. This is how the outside world will view our home. It can say much about us. So, it is important to give it thought and come up with eye-catching designs that someone else can then help us create. Having said that, many firms that landscape will come up with some gorgeous designs for us. This is whether they are seen at the front or enjoyed with privacy around the back. Firms such as Above All Masonry Design Inc. make this their business. Let us then explore just what we could create for the outside of our home with the help of such companies.

Patio Pleasure

Our patio will be somewhere we sit outside, so it makes sense to consider a nice surface. This will please family members, friends, and guests. Studying websites, such as the one linked to above, will give you a clue to the layouts you could have in terms of the placing of your chosen material. For instance, barbecues and table areas can be incorporated that are made out of bricks or stones. This will make these outside features more permanent and weather-resistant, rather than them having to be moved into outbuildings or covered over for their protection at certain times of the year. You can also use glass canopy installers to get a toughened glass canopy or veranda with integrated lighting to allow you to use the space all year round.

Possible surface options for your patio might include porcelain, slate, granite, limestone, or sandstone. Porcelain will blend perfectly with natural stone to provide a modern look. The material is impervious to fading and scratch-resistant. It always looks clean and fresh and will represent an investment in terms of home improvements. The shade and shape of the slate make it beautiful to look at. Particularly if you have it hand-cut. It is strong, durable, and textured to please the patio creator. A Brazilian Black Slate will give you a deep black along with blue undertones. Alternatively, you can stick with the more traditional grey, blue, or pink shade. Granite is another material that combines strength and beauty. The fact that many monuments made from it are still standing is a testament to its longevity. Limestone will add much character to a home. From a construction point of view, it is easy to cut and shape. This is because of its grainy texture. It comes in a variety of shades to choose from, including grey, blue, tan, or black. Again, it has durability and longevity. The only thing about limestone is that acid can cause the wearing of it. Finally, sandstone can look stunningly beautiful with all its character. It can create that simple yet appealing look. It is also available in shades including grey, green, brown, and black.

There will always be something that will work for your patio in terms of its material or the shape it can be cut into.


Pools are a great way to relax and keep fit. Swimming is the best kind of exercise because it uses many of the body’s muscles at the same time. It is also low-impact. Longer pools for this purpose can be built in your back garden area. There are few things to beat a relaxing soak in a pool when the weather is warm. It can cool us down and refresh us. At cooler times of the year, heated pools will be nice to use.

In terms of designs, pools can be built with lots of space for swimming, and for sharing with others at group parties. Also, they can have idyllic features to add that special touch that is visible to those not in the pool as well as those in. This can include added waterfalls and similar features. Non-slip surfaces can be chosen to ensure safety around the pool area. Elevated paver patios are possible, for an extra idea.

Poured concrete is a material that proves popular among builders and pool owners alike for its non-slip properties as pool decking. It is durable and water-resistant and one of the least slippery materials for a pool surface. When complete, the material with a brushed surface will allow swimmers to walk around barefooted without slipping.

Grand Entrances

There is no better way of drawing the right kind of attention to approaching guests than having a front driveway that stands out. This will be because of its material and construction. The stones will fit together perfectly and be just the right shade. This is something to talk to a building company about. You do not have to go for the more expensive materials for the whole of your driveway because you can mix it up if you are on a budget. Also, to brighten it up and make it less grey but keep it low maintenance, you could put artificial turf alongside. So, both those things are something to think about.

Driveway options include asphalt, for its aesthetic, safety, and lifespan properties. Also, concrete is one of the most durable options. A cheaper alternative then would be gravel for some areas. Pavers will mean higher upfront and maintenance costs but the durability and aesthetics offered should outweigh this.

So, some design ideas here, whether you are looking to expand your patio area, have a nice pool to relax in or swim along or want everyone to feel like they are having the grand entrance.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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