Book Review: Everything Under The Sun

Book Review¦ I LOVED Everything Under the Sun as soon as I laid eyes on it. Children are naturally curious and it’s so important that we feed that curiosity. For them, every day brings something new and they’re so keen to ask questions and learn. This book has a question for every day of the year (366 so leap years are covered), all of which have been asked by children around the world. Experts from Heston Blumenthal to the Natural History Museum’s curators have provided the answers in a child-friendly way.

Everything Under The Sun book review

This book has a really great format. You can learn a new fact each day (and it won’t just be the children learning!) or you can just dip in and read random facts as you feel like it. At 5 years old, Autumn is starting to ask questions about things all the time. She’s really enjoying finding out something new from it each day and wondering what the next thing she learns will be. I think it’s great as it helps to encourage children’s curiosity and challenges them to think about the world and everything in it.

Some of the questions are more unusual, while others provide answers to things your child might encounter on a daily basis. For example, the other week we went shopping. Autumn noticed a homeless man sitting outside a shop, asking if passers by had any change. When we got home later, she asked me about it. I’d remembered that I had noticed a page of this book that discussed homeless people. So we got it out and read. It approached homelessness in the perfect way for my 5 year old to understand.

The illustrations are really colourful and appealing to children. They really add to the fun element of the book. Children won’t even realise that they’re learning about a whole range of topics!

With an RRP of £25 and available from all good book retailers, this would make an excellent Christmas present.

Disclosure: We received a copy of Everything Under the Sun for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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