Increase Your Home’s Value with these 10 Outdoor Upgrades

Collaborative Post¦ A major kitchen renovation or garage addition may be too expensive to tackle now. But you can make your home more enjoyable and more valuable with some less expensive outdoor upgrades. You will find some improvements such as a new decked patio (with butyl tape to protect your investment) giving you more living space, while others elevate your aesthetic, such as bifold doors or the addition of some lovely new bushes in the garden.

While some upgrades are worth it, just because they fit with your lifestyle — such as a swimming pool or a greenhouse — others are valuable because of their strong return on investment. The Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report for 2021 lists some big remodels that offer value, and many are influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic (think: home office garden rooms and outdoor entertaining space). In fact, the report states that 29% of UK residents want to move to a property that has more outdoor living space. The report rated these improvements in order of costs:

  • Swimming pool
  • Home office garden room
  • Summerhouse
  • Gym/studio room in the garden
  • Bifold doors/French windows to the garden
  • Outdoor entertaining area
  • Decked patio
  • Paved patio
  • Greenhouse
  • Mature plants/trees/flowers

While most of these improvements require a larger investment, there are many other ways to elevate your outdoor space and stay on budget.

  1. A playground A place for the littles ones to play safely can never be more valued than by a mum. Whether you invest in a manufactured playset or just add some fun touches to your play area, you can make your home more attractive for friends to come play and for young families who might purchase your home in the future. A creative way to use your under-deck space is to turn it into a cosy, dry playhouse with an under-deck drainage system.


1.  A veggie patch

Gardening enthusiasm soared in 2020, and this trend seems here to stay. About 64% of UK residents now say they wouldn’t buy a home without garden space. Thus, upgrading your garden, including space for vegetables, adding fencing or installing a new garden shed are helpful improvements now and a good investment for the future.

2. A garden deck or patio

Adding a deck or patio to your home can provide great ROI and an opportunity to expand your outdoor living space. With either, you have space to add an outdoor cooking area, create a convenient space for container gardening and add extra room for outdoor entertaining. If you build a composite deck, you can enjoy all of the conveniences without the maintenance because composite boards never need to be stained or sealed.

3. A greener lawn

This improvement costs little but can increase your home’s “wow” factor if you sell. Green up by watering deeply each day or considering a drip irrigation system with a timer. Test your soil PH to make sure you are using the right fertiliser, and talk to your local garden centre about seeds that will grow well in your area. Knowing your soil’s acidity before planting grass seed will improve your chances of success.

4. Updated fencing

Fencing provides many practical benefits, including keeping the little ones and pets safe and adding privacy to your home. This home improvement can also add to your home’s aesthetic, especially if you opt for some popular horizontal slat fencing. Note: fencing, walls or gates above 2 metres in height will need planning permission, so talk to your local authority.

5. Better lighting

While fencing provides extra safety, so can lighting on the exterior of your home. This home improvement can be simple and quick and offers many choices: Solar lights along the garden path, permanent wired fixtures on your home or a string of fairy lights in the shrubs. Find inspiration that will work for your home.

6. An alfresco dining area

Enjoy eating outdoors on your garden patio or deck with a bit of planning and intention. Spruce up your patio or deck space with a new table and chairs and a little cart for drinks and snacks from the kitchen. If you want to go big, consider building in a pizza oven or grill. Try out a new barbecue recipe for kebobs, burgers or veggies.

7. A parking area

If you have crumbling concrete or cracked paving, your parking area may need attention. A premium choice is slip-resistant cobblestone pavers; these rounded stones became ideal for surfacing roads thousands of years ago. Or go for a less costly option, such as repairing or sealing your existing parking area.


8. Bifold doors 

A popular home update is installing bifold doors to welcome the outside in. These doors flood the home with natural light and make a modern statement. However, beware that these doors can be pricy and usually requires a level threshold. Talk to a builder about whether this is a viable option for your home.

9. A fire pit or chiminea

Fire pits and chimineas can range widely in looks and costs, so you have many options and price points. To decide what’s right for you, determine how you want to use your fire pit. Before beginning installation, choose the right spot in your garden, being mindful to keep it away from structures and neighbours. Learn fire safety tips before lighting up.


All improvements require some time and money. Choose the upgrade that will bring you and your family the most value, and then start planning!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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