Playground ideas that require no effort

Collaborative Post¦ The great outdoors and fresh air inspire active fun. You can make outdoor activity fun by creating an enjoyable and organised space. This applies to adults, kids, and furry family members! The benefits of making the most of the outdoors are endless. There is no need for you to spend thousands of pounds or dollars to purchase expensive playground equipment either. Simple changes and small additions are enough to create excitement and fun for kids. Here are some ideas.

Use Fallen Trees

There is no time like the present to inspire fun games to help your kids to use up their energy through play. Use fallen tree logs, cut the stumps to different heights and give them a stump jump game. You can paint the stumps in fun colours; placing them in circles or a row. They can play with them by hopping along them or even use them as a musical chair game.


Concrete Raceway

If you have extra concrete left laying around after doing some work, create a simple concrete raceway. This is a great way to make sure that the children’s toys don’t blow away in the wind. You can still make the concrete raceway as part of your smaller garden and spruce it up to look pretty. This will provide your children with the opportunities to both play with the raceway as well as tending to plants in the garden. 

A Tyre Swing 

Who doesn’t enjoy a tyre swing? It is one of the best DIY backyard ideas. It takes little time and creativity to make this swing. A tyre swing is sturdy and offers a comfortable place to sit. Ensure the surface around it has plastic grass to enhance the look of your playground area and is safe for your kids. Artificial grass is great for a playground because it doesn’t require tons of maintenance. On the tyre swing, the children can sway and twirl, feel the breeze, gaze into trees as the sun peeks through, and enjoy a perfect sunny day. The swinging of the tire is an age-old idea, you can either paint it some funky colours or keep it classic.

Extra Cushioned See-Saw 

Again, a see-saw is an all time favourite. It is great for bonding as you need a person on each side working together to make it fun. Adding extra cushioning ensures comfort and might encourage you to join your child to play on it too!


A few more playground ideas

  • Another idea for the small backyard is to use the space under the deck to make a playhouse. Keep a small height and give them a DIY climbing wall they’ll love to climb. 
  • If possible, make a zip-line or buy one and your kids will likely never set foot in the house again.
  • Ensure a cosy seating area by adding plastic grass. It is a must have whether it is time for resting, reading or snacks in the summer. 
  • Make the backyard playground a cool place and ensure your kids have many ways to play.
  • If there is a garage or an empty outside wall attached to your house, make a balance beam. It will improve your kid’s gross motor skills and balance. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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