5 tips for decorating your child’s bedroom

Sponsored Post¦ We moved house a few months ago and have done quite a lot of work already. None of it has been aesthetically pleasing things yet – just plumbing work and a rewire which is still in progress! However, I can’t wait to buy building materials and start decorating my 4 year old daughter‘s bedroom. I have lots of great ideas already! Hopefully I can help to inspire you too with these ideas to help your child’s bedroom look amazing!

Get creative

Children’s rooms are perfect for letting your arty side free! Anything goes! Bright, clashy colours, fun beds and murals are so much fun for children. I imagine every young child would love a mountain mural, dinosaurs, animals or perhaps their favourite Disney characters adorning their walls! My daughter is no different and currently flits between wanting Elsa from Frozen on her wall or a unicorn themed room.

Another idea is to paint a wall or part of a wall with black chalkboard paint. This will provide your child with an area to get creative with chalks and organise themselves.

Keep your options open

Alternatively, you might not want to go all out on your child’s bedroom! Keeping it to neutrals or a colour palette that will encompass a number of themes could be the better option if your child’s interests can be as quickly changeable as mine. That way, you can decorate to a theme with wall stickers and other decorations but avoid having to paint the walls again for a good few years!

Two rooms in one

If you have two children sharing a room, you could create two rooms in one. By putting a bunk bed in the middle of the room and partitioning off each side, it creates the illusion of two separate rooms. Even if the room isn’t big enough to do this, you could decorate the room half in one theme and half in another to suit each child.

Ask your child

It’s important to ask your child what they want. After all, it’s your house but this is their space to relax. As such, their opinion counts! It needs to be something your child is happy with as they’ll be spending the most time in there.

Consider storage

I was astonished just how much stuff my daughter accumulated in her first few years. It felt like half the things in our house were hers! To create a good sleep environment where they’re not going to get distracted by all their things, everything needs its place to be tidied away to. Baskets are great for blankets and toys, whilst the IKEA Kallax unit is a firm favourite for storing lots of things into a small space. As for books, I’ve always kept them on an accessible level for Autumn to look at, even as a baby.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with RGB Ltd. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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