Healthier Lifestyle: A Balance Between Work & Family

Collaborative Post¦ You have a picture of a perfect life. Your marriage is set and already own diamond rings or lab diamond rings, family is growing, and you could not be any luckier. 

Despite these facts, you still find yourself sacrificing work for family or vice versa. The state of the pandemic only reinforced this imbalance and you are struggling to juggle between the two. 

Does this sound like you?

If so, you need some quick tips to reconnect with your family as you also succeed at work. Being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t have it all. You must understand your shortcomings, adapt to a schedule, and be flexible. 

Morning Routines

No one said it was easy to ignore phone calls, emails, or text messages early in the morning. Yet, it’s tempting to give your phone a glance to check on work and the latest news. 

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Don’t do this. Instead of waking up and unlocking your phone, talk to your significant other. Wish them a happy morning, show affection, and be present. 

Morning routines will vary depending on your lifestyle, work expectations, and family, but keep phones silent as a general rule of thumb. 

Here are a few tasks to do before turning on your phone:

  • Morning stretch
  • Quick workout
  • Shower
  • Meditate/ yoga

Alternatively, if you are a single parent, you know you have a long day ahead of you. So, get out of bed, wake your children, and prepare breakfast. 

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Once your morning routine is complete, get back to work. 

Work or Family Events

It’s inevitable. There will be occasions you have to make the tough decisions between attending a family or work event. Such choices should be calculative. 

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First, ask yourself the following:

  • Can I not miss this work event?
  • What will I be missing if I attend one over the other?
  • Who will it hurt? Who does it benefit?

Parents don’t only have to think of themselves. There is a family they must look after. You will have to note what your absence means in either setting. Sometimes missing a family event involves skipping a birthday, meanwhile missing a work event may delay a promotion. 

Never Miss A Holiday, If You Can

Holidays, especially the most meaningful to your family, require your presence. If your boss gives you the option to work harder on a project or head home, choose your family

Work will always be waiting for you the following week. You family? They grow, change, and can turn distant. 

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Managing bosses is complicated, but discussing your priorities is worthwhile. Be comfortable having these conversations with your superiors and address the importance of balancing work and family. 


The bottom line is that balance is a constant struggle. You have to manoeuvre your way around work and family. It takes practice and most of all a dedicated individual.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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