5 Tips for Perfect Family Photos

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Family photos are a great way to capture your special moments and remember them for a lifetime. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or just a big fan of the selfie, taking photos can be a lot of fun. The prints also make nice personalised photo gifts for other members of the family. It should be a fun experience, however, so make sure everyone’s on board and says cheese. Here are five tips for taking perfect family photos.

Invest in the best equipment

You might want to invest in the latest iphone model or a new camera if you’re serious about taking great photos. The right equipment will make it a lot easier and you’ll get better results. You could even consider using a drone. You can take fantastic photos without being a professional photographer these days because there is so much great technology available, and at competitive prices as well.

Location, location, location

It’s important to choose the right location. Plan ahead and be prepared for the weather or other members of the public getting in the way. If you’re taking photos outside, consider the time of day too. Around sunrise or sunset is known as “the golden hour” by professional photographers because it gives a very flattering light. 

Consider matching wardrobe

Many people this year have been having fun with matching family outfits, it’s becoming a bit of a trend on social media. If this is a little cheesy in your opinion, you could just go for a colour theme for your family photos. They’ll come out better if everyone’s coordinated. It’s up to you whether you decide to choose a wardrobe or not, it’s a good idea for more formal pictures, but not always necessary of course.

Make it fun

If you want to get fun and natural family portraits, it needs to be an enjoyable experience for everyone. You’ll see bored and uncomfortable expressions in the photos otherwise. Make sure everyone’s in the mood for having their photo taken and don’t take it too seriously. Children especially might get impatient having their photo taken so try to take it at a time when everyone’s relaxed and in the right frame of mind. 

Share your pictures

Family photos make great gift ideas. You could consider having prints made to give to your parents or other relatives. Give your loved ones something more personal on their birthday or Christmas. You could even get creative. Personalised photo gifts are all the rage at the moment and you can get a photo printed on just about anything, from mugs, to sequined cushions, to coasters. They’ll be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.


Family photos can be a lot of fun and will give you great memories. You could even consider hiring a professional photographer to get the best shots. Whether you’re playing about on your phone or renting a studio session, the important thing is to have fun. You’ll get better results this way and the photos will appear much more natural. 

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