Ideas For Gifts When You Have Older Children

Collaborative Post¦ It can be so incredibly hard to buy gifts for boys and girls when they get older. There are plenty of options for girls I guess, but even so, you may be puzzled as to what to get. A boy can play with a girls toy and vice versa. But older children especially can be difficult. Firstly they don’t tend to give you any ideas or clues as to what they would like. Secondly, a lot of things tend to cost the earth. Thankfully as they get older, they will realise what things cost so you can pick and choose between some of the times. 

Whether it is Christmas, a birthday or even to celebrate a specific occasion, you may be wondering what to get your tween or teen. Sometimes you want to think practically as well as giving them an option of some of the things they want. But, if they haven’t given you any ideas, then don’t despair. Here is a bit of inspiration to help you get the perfect gift. 

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Apple Watch

One of the latest things to come from Apple is the new Apple watch. It will only sync and work properly with an iPhone so bear that in mind if this is a choice. An Apple watch links through to your phone and allows you to read text messages, answer calls and talk to Siri all from your wrist. You can take pictures, and it will even track your fitness and calories for the day. It’s a real useful tool and a bit of gadget for the geeks among us. There are however alternatives with different phone brands so if you don’t have an iPhone a watch could still be a good choice.

Samsung VR

Why not allow your child to step into a virtual world using the latest technology from Samsung. This headset allows you to use your phone and experience a whole new level of virtual reality. It will allow you to watch Youtube videos as well as download applications and games. VR even allows you to play games and try new things, so not only can it be a different experience but it can be an excellent gift that keeps giving. With a lot of technology heading this way you could be giving them a step up in terms of learning this sort of tech of the future. 

A new laptop

Everything is going down a technology route. Even homework from schools requires use of a laptop. So as your child is getting older why not get him a new laptop for his birthday. They will get some great use out of it for school as well as at home. You can buy parenting applications if you are still concerned about internet access and content. 

The latest phone

There always seems to be a new phone out these days. So if your child’s phone is looking a little tired, then it may be worth looking into an upgrade. Phones can be expensive to purchase outright, but it can work out quite reasonable to add a phone to an existing phone contract you may have. Just speak to your provider to see what deals they may have on. If this is their first phone, you may be a little wary, so you could read this article from Family Orbit about tracking and such to give you some extra peace of mind. Kids are getting younger when it comes to using phones so it is understandable if you are a little apprehensive. 


While vouchers may seem like a boring present these days, they can be so much more than just a cloths voucher. While choosing vouchers for their favourite store may be favourable. You could consider and experience day which can be a great way to give a unique gift that they may not have thought about. Vouchers are an excellent option to suggest to family members who are unsure about what to get. If they pick the same place, the amount can really add and be put towards something more substantial. 

A games console

Finally, the last thing you could consider is a games console. Most boys these days like to link up online and play against their school friends. There are many different options available so speak to your child to see if they have a preference. Around Christmas time there seems to be new releases. Right now we have PlayStation 5, XBOX and also new Nintendo switch releases. You could also consider vintage options like what you may have played with when you were younger. They can be a lot of fun and very nostalgic. 

Let’s hope this helps you when it comes to buying a gift for a boy. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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