My Wedding Day: Finding the dress of my dreams!

Life is SO busy with two children. I recently wrote about my wedding invitations and how this June I was planning on FINALLY writing about all aspects of my wedding. Yep, just like I plan to every year! Yet here we are on the 18th of June and I’ve literally written that one post still. Oops! So here I am, attempting to write about another aspect of my wedding while Reuben sleeps and I try to ignore the pain of mastitis. Today I’m focusing on the dress! Arguably the most exciting part of the wedding. Like most little girls, I used to spent hours daydreaming about what my wedding dress might be like. I’d lay on the floor of my room drawing sweetheart necklines and big skirts, yet the dress I actually chose wasn’t like that at all!

I booked appointments for two bridal shops in my hometown and was so excited when I woke up the day they came round. Yet I also felt really nervous, but I couldn’t put my finger on why. Perhaps it was the anticipation after all those years of daydreaming. Or maybe it was knowing that I was potentially going to find the dress I was going to wear on one of the most important days of my life. It could have been a bit of both, as well as the knowledge that my bank account was possibly about to take a huge hit!

My Mum was excited too and I couldn’t wait for this day of mother and daughter bonding. After entering the first shop, I felt somewhat overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start and was tentative about touching all the pristine white and ivory gowns on the rails surrounding us. I pointed at a bargain dress on a mannequin which was similar in style to what I’d always imagined. It was ivory with a straight across neckline, which I’d have altered to a sweetheart. It had a few lace details on the front and had a small train.

A minute later, my Mum spotted an ivory wedding dress which was quite form-fitting with lots of pearl and crystal details and a long train. It was a bit over my budget, but it did look quite nice, although it wasn’t really what I was going for. I agreed to try it on as well as the one I had picked out.

I thought I’d try the Alfred Angelo one my Mum picked out first. With the lady in the shop helping me to step into it, my excitement rose. I couldn’t wait to stand in front of the mirror and see what it looked like! Stepping up in front of the mirrors, I was stunned. I hadn’t been sure about the illusion neckline, but it looked lovely with its lace. The dress looked magical and so different to how it did from its side profile on a hanger. The lace was beautiful and the crystals were sparkling as they caught the light. I loved the train too, it made me feel like a proper bride. Could I justify spending over my budget?

I tried on the cheaper dress that I’d picked out. It was nice, really nice. However, it couldn’t hold a torch to the one I’d tried on previously. It wasn’t ‘the dress’…but the first one certainly had potential. We still had another shop to go to, though, so I didn’t put it on a pedestal.

The second shop was much more expensive and the dresses seemed very samey somehow. The woman serving us seemed very snooty too. I just didn’t have good vibes. Still, I tried 3 dresses that I quite liked. All were white or ivory, strapless and lacey. Before we went in, my Mum and I kept up with a ‘code word’. If I liked any of them more than the first dress I’d tried on, I would describe it as ‘stunning’. However, none of them elicited this response from me.

To cut a long story short, the first dress I tried was the one I got married in! I loved it more and more as the months passed leading up to my wedding and I still adore it now, almost 6 years later. It was modern with a vintage air to it, which went with our theme. It was perfect and hugged my figure thanks to my wonderful alterations lady.

Photography by Robert Marriott Photography

What was your wedding dress like? I love looking at the various styles over the decades and I’d love to hear from you!

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