Creating the perfect wedding invites

Contains paid link/s¦ June is almost upon us and it’ll be my 6th wedding anniversary this year! I love all things wedding related and last year I meant to write several posts related to my big day! However, I’d not long found out I was expecting a baby. With morning sickness and extreme tiredness plus homeschooling, that idea swiftly went out of the window. So let’s try again – and where better to start than wedding invites?

Of course, one of your first thoughts will be choosing your dress! It’s such an exciting occasion that most of us have dreamed of since we were little. However, the invitations are arguably the first most important decision for your wedding! They are what informs the people you care about the most about where and when to celebrate with you. First impressions are so important and it sets the tone of the day to your recipients. Receiving a wedding invite is so exciting and they’ll be certain to take note of the colour schemes and themes of your invitations to imagine what your big day will be like.

If you’re planning your wedding a couple of years in advance, it may be worth sending out a “Save the Date” first, especially to key people. We set a date for our wedding just over 2 years before our day. We designed and set out some fridge magnets to our closest friends and family to ensure they wouldn’t make other plans that would clash! The invitations themselves, we sent out around 6 months before the wedding day.

At the time, (and there still are), lots of companies designing beautiful wedding invitations. I found myself being drawn to many such stalls at wedding fairs we attended. However, nothing felt quite right to us. Creating them yourself makes it more personal too; we got lots of compliments on our DIY wedding invites. I found it quite stressful, though, trying to source all the right materials and get them just how I wanted them.

Our wedding had a slightly vintage theme, so when I made our invitations I immediately thought of lace and ribbons ribbon. I wanted a photo of us to make it more personal. Of course, a black and white photo felt the right way to go with the vintage theme and colour scheme. I set out the materials and tried a few photos of us, until I found the one that looked right. Our colour scheme was a light blue, so I found some ribbon with polka dots as well as some pretty white and blue lace. I also found a pretty blue bow with a pearl in the centre to match it.

Wedding invitations

It’s important that information on invites is clear (make sure the font is easily readable, including for people with poor sight or dyslexia!) Sometimes looking back, I do wonder if our invitations were a little too simple though. Perhaps I should have done more research into where to source materials from and looked more and what other people had done rather than just designing them in my head and going to my nearest craft shop.

Speaking of which, when it comes to inspiration, social media is your friend. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest – and Instagram too! Check out #weddinginvites for all kinds of beautiful and quirky invitations.

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