Bluebells at Emmetts Garden

There’s something extra special about visiting somewhere you’ve wanted to go for a long time and it living up to your expectations. Even better if it exceeds them! At the weekend we visited Emmetts Garden near Sevenoaks in Kent. I’d been meaning to go there to see the bluebells since before I was pregnant with Autumn, so it had been at least 6 years!


After waking up early navigating the M25, we arrived with a crying baby and shouty 4 year old. Unfortunately, that did kind of set the tone scene for the rest of the day! It wasn’t just the occasional rain that put a dampener on the day, as Autumn kept misbehaving and Reuben was very grumpy (possibly teething). However, stepping out of the car, everything was tranquil for a few moments at least. Fortunately, my offspring were far less noisy in a less confined space and we made our way from the car park into Emmetts Garden.

If you’re planning on going at the weekend like we did, it’s currently best to book in advance. The prices weren’t overly steep, considering it’s a National Trust property. Entry is £10 per adult and £5 per child, although as ours are both under 5 they had free entry.

Easter Trail

We were pleasantly surprised to find that despite it almost being a month later, the Easter trail was still there. Hopefully that would help to keep Autumn entertained. That would rule out one reason for whinging! The trail around the gardens was brilliant and easy to follow.

Emmetts Garden

Each checkpoint was accompanied by a fact. They were actually very interesting and even us adults learned things! There were lots of activities for her do along the way. These included stick art and helping to build a bug hotel!

Bug Hotel at Emmetts Garden

I was also pleased to find that for the most part, the gardens have accessible paths for pushchairs and wheelchairs.


I couldn’t pick a favourite part of Emmetts Garden, it is all just so beautiful. There is such an array of trees and flowers. I could very happily spend a day there, just moving from spot to spot reading, having a picnic and enjoying nature.

Emmetts Garden Fountain

Rockery at Emmetts Garden

Bench at Emmetts Garden

Of course, we had gone there especially to see the bluebells. I had heard that they were amazing there – and they didn’t disappoint! I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, stretching out amongst the trees like a beautiful blue carpet. My pictures just don’t do it justice. I definitely recommend visiting to see them for yourself.

Carpet of bluebells at Emmetts Garden

I’m hoping that it won’t be another 7 years before I’m back at Emmetts Garden. It was beautiful in the spring and I’d definitely like to experience it when the summer flowers are in bloom too.

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