3 Things to Look Out for Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring

Collaborative Post¦ Getting engaged and eventually becoming married can become a stressful time for all involved, whether that’s for the soon-to-be groom, bride, or the extended family. For most, these stresses can start early on when thinking of all the fine details such as suits and dresses, wedding venues, guest lists, and much more. Before becoming engaged there are a few big choices to be made. One of these potential issues we shall touch on throughout this article, is the initial engagement ring for your very soon-to-be fiancée. You may have already picked a ring out for your spouse, however, some may be fretting over the decision in case the ring of choice ends up a little lacklustre. Read through to have a little more of an idea on what to look for before deciding on a ring.

Band Style

One of the most important factors when looking at different rings is the style of the band. There can be a few questions to ask yourself when viewing the different styles, will your partner want a traditional band that can stand the test of different fashion eras in the future, or would they prefer a contemporary variation that matches well with their style and overall fashion sense? The range of bands available can be enormous should you look about long enough in jewellers or on websites such as Infinity Diamond Jewellery and others, so this can become a tricky decision. It becomes even trickier when the proposal is a complete surprise, as you won’t be able to talk to your partner regarding their preferences. You may perhaps wish to talk to your spouse’s family members and seek their guidance if you’re not wanting to take the plunge and “hope for the best.” You never know, perhaps your partner has keenly spoken to someone in their family on what they’d expect of a ring.

Style and Cut of the Diamond or Stone

Arguably the most important thing to watch for is the centrepiece of the ring, the stone or diamond itself. This might be the one thing that gentlemen and women alike deem as the most important consideration as they are looking for an engagement ring for their spouse. Once again there are many factors when it comes to diamonds or different valuable stones, such as the carat, cut, and overall size of the stone. One of the most important things that should impact your decision is in fact the cut of the diamond, should the cut be a poor one, light-refraction will be sub-par and even an expensive ring can end up looking relatively cheap compared to its actual price. Other smaller decisions to be made can include the color of the diamond, as well as its clarity. Research into the 4C’s for more information.

Your Personal Budget

It’s an unfortunate thing to consider as we’d love to be able to give our significant other the world if we could, but it is a necessary detail to ponder over. It’s also completely dependent on your spouse and how they perceive the importance of the rings value. If they are a more materialistic being, a larger budget should be considered, if they aren’t, then it’s the thought and action that counts. One other important reason for planning the budget is, of course, the fact this will only be the first ring of two you will be purchasing. Should you look at spending a little less on the engagement ring in order to have more of a blow-out on the actual wedding ring? Are you considering spending the same amount on each ring? It’s not only the rings that you’ll be having to finance, but also some other things like suits, dresses, venues, photography sessions, catering, and a lot more that will end up increasing the overall expenditure for getting married. So, in the end, the budget plays a vital role.


Getting married and preparing to say those vows can be stressful and mentally taxing enough without putting something so important such as the rings into consideration, however, fear not the reason you and your partner are looking to be wedded is down to your true love. With clear communication, research, and delicate planning, you can ensure the ring you end up choosing for you partner will be the right one for the rest of their lives. Are you planning on proposing sometime soon? How much have you planned ahead already? You can never be too organized when it comes down to something so sacred as getting engaged and married in the future, and this all starts with the engagement ring.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 

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