Redecorating Your Home This Year? Things to Try

Collaborative Post¦ Having spent an increased amount of time indoors over the last year, we are confident that you have probably considered the ways that you can give the décor in your home a face-lift! Many questions are sure to have formed from staring at the tired paint job from when you first moved in or at the wallpaper that just doesn’t appeal to you anymore.

What style do I go with? How do I best decorate my home for the new year? What can I use to decorate each room? Panic not, for we have just the solution for you busy, on-the-go mums! Detailed below are a few suggestions to try when looking to redecorate your home this new year; read on for more!

Choosing a New Paint

This can be difficult to narrow down, especially with so many unique shades out there! When looking to choose a new shade of paint for a room, you want to consider several factors. First, you want to check that the shade suits your room’s shape and size and compliments the natural lighting of the room. Particularly if you are looking to brighten a room, you don’t want to choose a colour that will accentuate a room’s shading. Pale grey and blue shades are an excellent way of brightening a room and can be complement by the interior items, which leads us onto our next point.

Selecting Interior Items for Decorating

Just like deciding what paint to use, this can often be a time-consuming and challenging process, especially as there are plenty of decorative items on the market. From chic vases for real and fake flowers to ornaments and photo frames, the way you decorate each room in your home is entirely your choice. Photo frames, however, are a great thing to consider when decorating, as they complement different decorating styles. Whether going for a more minimalist approach, or a bohemian style, with each room jam-packed with decorative pieces; the choice is entirely yours, so go wild! Pic Frames are an excellent choice of a company for those looking for personalised photo frames. Choose the frame, what goes in it, and the size; there is something available for everyone! Check out their website for their photo frame stock and how you could make it work in your redecoration plans.

Changing the Furniture

Now, this isn’t something that has to be changed up every time you want to change the colour scheme of a room but is a consideration for those who have moved into a new home and need to redecorate completely, or for those who are wanting to refresh their home after quite some time. Depending on the interior style of choice, you will need to decide whether your furniture will complement the colour scheme on the walls or will stand out. If you have opted for a pale grey colour scheme, as mentioned previously, choosing bright colours like yellow for furniture and items like cushions will stand out and will bring the whole room together.

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