Really Fast Ways to Brighten Up Your Home

I am not a huge DIY fan. But, every now and again, I get a bit tired of a room and set about it. It is surprising what you can achieve in a day. I gave my bedroom a quick 24-hour makeover and was pleased by what a difference it made. Since then, I have been on the lookout for quick and easy room makeover tips. Here are a few of my favourites.

Hang a mirror

If you want to make a room look brighter and bigger, hang a new mirror. It works every time. Especially in smaller rooms like your bathroom.

A mirror creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom

Create a feature wall

Re-painting or wallpapering an entire room is a pain, to say the least. Moving your furniture to the middle of the room and covering it in sheets. Then putting something down to protect the carpet can easily swallow up most of a morning. Plus, of course in this state, your room cannot be used until you can put everything back in place.

A much better approach is to simply redecorate one or maybe two walls. When you do that, you just have to move your sofa forwards, put down sheets along the wall and get on with the job. Typically, it will take you a couple of hours, tops, to repaint that wall. Or, if you prefer paper it. Better still, skip the wallpaper and buy a nice wall sticker. That will go up even faster.

Feature wall in living room

Hang some new artwork

When I redecorated my bedroom, the thing that made the biggest difference was hanging a print above my bed. Never underestimate how much nicer a room will look when you update the artwork. It is really easy to find something suitable, online. You can easily search for what you need while watching a show or enjoying a coffee.

Buy some throws

If your sofa has seen better days, use a couple of throws to give it a new look. Or, you could go mad and use this no-sew furniture cover making method to recover the cushions that are in the worst condition. The video that shows you how to do it is only 3 minutes long, so it is well worth a look. You will soon know if this is a job you want to tackle or not. It is quite a clever technique and is surprisingly easy to do.

Update your soft furnishings

Speaking of cushions, buying some new ones is actually a good way to make a room seem instantly cosier. Online furniture stores offer a wide variety of accessories available in store and on their websites. Again, there are plenty to choose from.

Cushions and furnishings to brighten up home

Paint your front door

Painting your front door can make a huge difference to how your home looks. The hardest part of the entire job is rubbing it down.

Replace your door handles

If your kitchen and bathroom cabinets or living room furniture are looking a bit dated, try replacing the knobs and handles first. This is a surprisingly easy way to freshen things up a bit.

The above are my favourite ideas, so far. If you have more, please leave a comment and let us know what they are.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post for Better Bathrooms.

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