4 Considerations to Make When Your Teenager Wants a Car

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Collaborative Post¦ The moment when you were looking for a family car to fit all the members of your growing family seems to be not so far in the past yet. Now, suddenly, your teenager is asking about their first car. And, as the topic comes up, it is only a matter of time before they will be cruising around in their greased lightning – even if that’s no more than a small, second-hand Skoda.

While this is a crucial moment in the life of your teeneger, they are not likely to be paying the whole car and fuel in full, so you should be ready for a draining moment – from a financial and emotional point of view. Here are some tips for living this moment with serenity.

Find a High-Quality Driving School

First and foremost, invest in high-quality education and on-the-road knowledge. Many teenagers get in a car and start driving around after barely having passed their test. Aside from being a danger for other road users, they can put themselves in unsafe situations. 

Instead, quality driving instructors are those coaches and mentors that will follow your child through this journey and offer guidance about road safety, not just rules and regulations!

Financial Solutions

For how exciting this moment can be, it can also seriously weigh on the finances of the whole family. There are some ways in which teenagers can afford to pay for their own car, but this is not the most common scenario. Instead, you might need to help them pay the car, fuel, and insurance until they are financially stable. 

Choosing a used car can be an excellent starting point to limit expenses. This might not be the most glamorous of choices. However, any damages and hits that the upcoming unrefined parking manoeuvres will leave on the paint of the car won’t cost you a fortune!

Safety Concerns

It is normal that you will start to worry about the safety of your kids the moment they get given the car keys. However, it would help if you also weighed in to decide whether your children are ready to deal with responsibility, such as a car can be. 

Not all kids are mature or responsible in the same way at the same age. While this type of wisdom will come with time, at 18, we are all a little reckless! It is all a matter of understanding whether your kid can be trustworthy enough to deal with the responsibility. Of course, the way you approach the situation can help them become a safe driver.

Is It a “Want” or a “Need”?

Lastly, just because your teeneger mentioned that they would like a car does not mean that they have to be given one. If you don’t have the chance or possibility to buy a vehicle at this time and they don’t need one to get to school or to work, then you can explain the situation to your kid. In the meanwhile, however, they can pass all the driving tests and obtain their licence. While it might seem unnecessary now, it can be helpful later on!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. My eldest is coming up to 16 and driving lessons is something we are looking into for him in the coming year. I have questioned whether he would need a car or not, given I don’t drive myself, I think it would be wise seeing as he has set his sights on a colleague 20 miles away. It really is thought provoking though as generally it could be a waste of money that could be paying off other things.

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