Saving money during lockdown – it can be done!

Collaborative Post¦ Is the coronavirus lockdown playing havoc with your finances? For those who are no longer able to work, helping our finances stretch a little further would certainly be welcome, especially because we’re not getting 100% of our much-needed paycheck.

It’s easy to think that because we’re not eating out, spending money on fuel and days out or even new outfits for every occasion that we’d be saving more money. Sadly, that’s not always the case. From daily takeaways to online shopping through boredom, buying kids entertainment and toys as well as rising utility bills because we’re at home all the time, some of us are losing more money than normal. But, help is at hand – here we’ll look at how you and your family can save money during lockdown and come out of the other side in a more financially stable position.

Switch to vaping products

If you or a family member are still smoking, then you’ll already be aware of the financial implications. Switching to vaping products instead is cheaper and you’ll still get the nicotine hit you’re craving without the added chemicals. Click here to check out 88vape’s cheap vape juice. Switch to vaping products and you’ll notice that you’re spending less money on your smoking habit.

Only buy what you need

It’s tempting to treat yourself to something new during this difficult time. And of course, a treat now and then is perfectly fine. But if you’re worried about your finances then you should exercise caution. Treating yourself to some new stationery because you’re working from home is great, but buying that brand new kettle and toaster set just because it’s on offer isn’t the best decision. Only buy what you need to keep costs and your spending in check.

Cancel the direct debits you’re not using

If you have a gym direct debit, then cancel it. You can always re-join when restrictions are relaxed. If you’re subscribed to magazines or online newspapers, clubs or monthly treat boxes then cancel them as soon as possible. You don’t need them and they’re a huge monthly expense.

Compare your utilities

Are you paying too much for your power? When was the last time you compared energy providers? Head online and compare your usage between companies, then opt for the cheapest. Your new power company will do all the hard work for you.

Other costs you should compare include:

  • Your phone contracts
  • Broadband/phone
  • Home/car insurance

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