UK lockdown in our house: Weeks 2 & 3

The second and third weeks of the UK lockdown went surprisingly quickly, really! I think it’s because we’ve been so busy. Having a 3 year old to keep entertained the whole time definitely keeps me on my toes! Here’s how the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the UK lockdown have been in our household.

Getting Accustomed

It’s strange, but I felt that over the 2nd and 3rd weeks of lockdown we’ve become quite accustomed to it in many ways already. Social distancing is so ingrained in my mind already that when I see people close together on TV or in films, I start freaking out a little. I have a genuine moment of “What are you doing so close together?! Move apart!!” before I realise that for once, the film is more normal than real life right now.

Most of the time, it just feels quite normal to be at home now. However, there are still those moments when I look outside and things aren’t quite ‘right’. No plane trails in the sky, everyone’s cars parked in the road in the middle of the day…subtle signs of lockdown.

The second week of homeschooling Autumn went well, although not quite as smoothly as the first. I think the novelty had worn off a little! We’re having a 2 week Easter break, so I’m a bit concerned about how both of us will adjust going back into home schooling!

Making our own fun

I hate to say it, but I’ve actually been finding doing some tidying fun. I’ve done lots of gardening and sorted out things in my house that I’ve been trying to find the time to do for months! With me spending lots of time in the garden, Maisie has finally gained the confidence to go outside a small distance as long as I’m in sight.

British medium hair tabby kitten

Having to remain at home, I’ve also had to be more imaginative trying to find things for Autumn and I to do. One of her favourite games at the moment is pretending to go in the car or the bus to different places. So far we’ve been ice skating, to Rochester and to soft play. Bless her, I think this is her way of trying to cope with not going anywhere!

That said, she has had fun things to do at home. My Mum bought her a mud kitchen, which we’ve had lots of fun with! If anyone has any ideas of what to do with mud kitchens, I’d love to hear as I feel as though I’ve been a bit boring with ours so far. We’ve mostly been making cakes with mud and grass! I also cooked some spaghetti and mixed them into the mud, so that she could play with some ‘worms’.

Preschooler playing with mud kitchen

We’ve been going for walks a couple of times a week. Looking at rainbows in windows makes it far more fun walking around houses! However, I’ve now been told about a lovely field and woods we can actually walk to from our house. It was beautiful and I felt so much better afterwards for being around nature again.



Easter is usually spent with family, exchanging Easter eggs and eating roast dinner. Obviously, this year was completely different! Fortunately, the weather was absolutely beautiful with highs of 24 degrees. The gorgeous weather so far has helped to make lockdown so much more bearable and it allowed us to do some fun activities on Easter Sunday. I set Autumn up a wicker basket and some bunny ears for an Easter egg hunt in the garden. She had lots of fun finding them, as well as an egg and spoon race kit I’d hidden.

Toddler Easter egg hunt

We spent ages having egg and spoon races and laughing, then settled down for some delicious avocado pasta for dinner.

How is the UK lockdown going for you? I hope all my readers are staying safe and well!


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