Skin Resurfacing: What Are Your Options?

Editorial¦ As the years go by, one thing is certain. Your skin ages. It ages because of hormonal alterations that take place naturally inside it. However, it also ages and experiences damage from various other sources. Considering how much it is exposed to time after time, it is a wonder skin holds up as well as it does. It is no surprise that, no matter how well you take care of it, you may eventually need clinical intervention to help it stay healthy. Skin resurfacing is one technique you can use to regain skin health, but techniques for skin resurfacing vary a lot.

The Low Down on External Skin Damage

One of the biggest problems with external skin damage is it can go on an on, long after the root cause is gone. For example, you might go out in the sun for an hour or two and suffer a sunburn that continues to damage your skin for days. Sun damage can also accumulate over time. It is also possible for materials your skin encounters to become embedded in it or block your pores. Makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells are three of the top offenders. Products such as City Beauty Invisicrepe Body Balm can go some way to helping the aging effects that these have on the skin.

What Resurfacing Procedures do to Combat Those Issues

Skin resurfacing procedures combat the above issues in a few different ways. For example, they strip dirt away, along with other offending materials. For example, dead skin is shed on its own over time. However, a resurfacing peel can get rid of those dead cells faster for you. That means healthy cells can get more time to shine through and keep you looking good.

Varieties of Skin Resurfacing Are Ever-Expanding

Skin resurfacing procedures have existed in skincare clinics for a very long time. However, they have not always been as versatile as they are now. Today you can enjoy modern JetPeel technology and other relatively new procedures. Many of those procedures are quick, easy, and come with very few side effects, if any. However, not too long ago options were quite limited, especially depending on your skin color or its condition. One prime example is laser treatment. Today, you can have laser treatment regardless of the color of your skin. However, if your skin is dark you do have to look a little harder to find the proper laser type to treat it. Early lasers could not treat dark skin at all.

Another way skin resurfacing procedures have expanded is with the invention of devices that can perform multiple treatments. Previously, many devices and treatment techniques were quite linear in terms of what they can do. Today, there are such things as machines that can treat multiple skin ailments. They can also treat those ailments regardless of skin types or colors in a lot of instances.

Differences in Skin Resurfacing Methods You See at Clinics

Every skin resurfacing method has its own benefits and potential drawbacks. It is also performed in a specific way. You always need to make sure the clinic is certified to perform the treatment you intend to have. It is also necessary to weigh the comfort, time, cost and other variables before making a decision. You might find that some procedures are simply not appropriate for your preferences or budget. Others may not be right for your skin itself.

Reaping the Best Benefits from Resurfacing Your Skin

To reap the best benefits from resurfacing your skin, you need a multi-pronged approach. You have to consider your own preferences, but you also need to consult with a trained clinician. One you have a particular procedure performed, you also need to take the recovery time your skin needs. During that time, follow any instructions your clinic provides to ensure your results are the best they can be.

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