10 tips for organizing a child’s birthday party

Collaborative Post¦ Organizing a birthday party should be an exciting and joyous time, but unfortunately, it is often very stressful, especially if you must cater to difficult parents. Your top priority is likely the safety of children and making sure that they all enjoy themselves. When they are hyped up on sugar, and there is the risk of spilling liquids and breaking objects, things can often get out of hand. The last thing you need is for someone to need slip and fall attorneys after your event. 

Here is a simple checklist that will put your mind at ease. Plan ahead, and it will take away a lot of the stress. 


Parties change as children age. Young children will probably be happy with a couple of friends coming over for tea. However, older children may want a bigger party and this is alright, as long as everything is organised and under control.

Involve your child

Speak to your child about what they want for their birthday. Especially for older children. A lot of the fun might be them actually helping you to plan it. It will teach them valuable life-skills, help them to appreciate the work that goes in, and will give them a sense of pride and excitement. 

The venue

Perhaps most important is the venue. Your own home, soft play, a church hall, or laser tag are a few options. It will depend on the number of children, budget and your child’s preferences 

Consider whether the venue can provide catering or entertainment. This might take away some of the stress. 

Make sure you book a venue early as popular places might be booked months ahead of time. 


Remember, you may have to consider the number of parents as well as children. Consider your budget and the venue and have a number in mind. 


You may want to consider having a theme. This might make it exciting and unique, and it will provide you with ideas for decorations, games, and activities. 

Adult helpers

Depending on what you have planned, you may need help. Pick your adults in advance and let them know what they will be doing. Depending on your child’s age, you may want an adult for every two or three children. But remember, for younger children, parents are likely to want to stay. 


Let people know well ahead of time. At least a month or more if it is in the school holidays. Have your number on the invites so people can let you know if they are coming. 


Two to three hours is usually plenty for children. Children will get tired by then, and parents will have enough too. 

Party bags

Children love party bags; however, they can be expensive and often come with lots of trash. Consider making something with your child or make something with children at the party and place them inside. Things like bubbles, sweets, and notepads, are always popular. A piece of birthday cake is usually a good addition as well. 


Homemade or shop-bought, a birthday party would not be complete without a birthday cake. 

Toddler girl birthday parties

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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