Autumn’s first month of nursery

I can hardly believe that Autumn has been going to nursery for just shy of a month already! In some ways it seems longer, perhaps because we settled into the routine quite quickly? On the days I’m not working, it’s great for getting things done. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the school run wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. So, how is Autumn getting on?

First Thoughts

It was really helpful that Autumn never seemed to be nervous about going to nursery, only excited. She couldn’t wait to make friends and get stuck into playing with all the toys! She settled in very quickly and made a friend on the first day. Since then, she’s made a further couple of friends.

Daily Fun

Each morning, she hardly seems to be able to wait to go there as she has so much fun. When the weekends come, Autumn is always very disappointed that she can’t go to nursery the following day. When we explained that her teacher needs a break, she understood, replying “Otherwise she’ll be too tired”.

I only get snippets of information from Autumn about what she gets up to at nursery. She isn’t very compliant when I ask questions, giving me the typical “I don’t know” response that I remember giving my mum as a child. However, she’s always very proud of any pictures she brings home. Oh, and she’s always happy when there have been apples or bananas at snack time. She’s told me there have been a few times she’s not eaten anything as she doesn’t like carrots or “that other thing”.


After only a couple of days of going to nursery, Autumn seemed a lot more confident and self-assured. I think it has done a lot for her development already! Unfortunately, she seems to have also become a bit naughtier since going to nursery. She’s got worse at listening and has really shouted at me a few times! Hopefully these are things that she’s noticed other children doing and it’s just a bump in the road where she’s testing boundaries with us.

She’s definitely growing up quicker now, partially thanks to nursery I think. A few weeks ago she just wanted to cuddle me for ages at bed time and would hold me tight so I couldn’t leave. However, as of the last few days I only manage to have a quick hug before she says “You can go now, Mummy”. Sob.

How did your child(ren) find nursery? Did you find they grew up quicker all of a sudden? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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