Review: Meet the cute colour-changing Pomsies Lumies!

Review – Gifted¦ I saw Pomsies Lumies when I went to BlogOn at the end of September. Their fluffiness and cute little faces instantly appealed to me, as well as their little unicorn horn and colourful manes. When I was shown how they light up to show a colour you touch them against, my mind was blown! There are currently 3 different characters to collect – and Sparkle Rush was the one who came home with me for Autumn and I to play with!

Pomsies Lumies Sparkle Rush review

Matching Colours

Once you’ve removed all the packaging, you just need to press your Lumie’s cute little nose to get colour matching. Autumn and I have had fun finding different bright coloured things around our house to press her against. We’ve put her against clothing, bananas, toys and books!

Pomsies Lumies glowing red

She reacts too each colour too, telling you whether she likes it or not! Autumn thought it was really funny and kept mimicking her cute little voice and phrases.


You can change her mode by pressing her nose down. One is a game where you have to find something the colour she glows and press her on it. This gets progressively quicker as you go along. I’ve found this one is a little advanced for my just-turned 3 year old, but she’ll soon grow into it!

For the other one, you have to press her against colours and she’ll sing a tune. The more colours you press her against, the more elaborate the tune will become! This is possibly my favourite mode of hers. It’s just so adorable! Autumn and I had fun scanning colours and dancing to her beautiful song.

Other features

You may have noticed Sparkle Rush’s beautiful hair. Well, she comes with a hair brush so that she can be groomed to perfection! She also has a clip, so that she can be attached to your child’s bag and go everywhere with her new friend!

Pomsies Lumies Sparkle Rush and hair brush

We adore our Lumie and she’s been on lots of adventures already! Retailing at £20 they’re a reasonable price – and make perfect Christmas presents!

Disclosure: We were gifted a Pomsies Lumies Sparkle Rush for the purpose of this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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