Family Car Fundamentals All Parents Should Consider

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As a responsible parent, you know that the time is up for enjoying the thrills of a two seater convertible or a super powerful motorbike. Now that you have your little bundles of joy, you want a set of wheels that will keep them safe, that is reliable and that will be economical so that you have more money to spend on your brood. You may be tempted to go for a brand new car or scour the online ads, but do you really know what you are looking for? If that motor on your driveway needs to be replaced, don’t assume that you have to succumb to a boring hatchback. They are some achingly cool family motors to be had. Take a look at these family car fundamentals that all parents should consider.

New Or Used

Everyone has the same old dilemma when it comes to selecting a new car for their driveway. You might be tempted to go for something brand new, as you won’t have the hassle of too much maintenance, you’ll have all the mod cons, and safety features will be top notch. However, you need to consider how much this sort of car will depreciate the moment you drive it away from the forecourt. Instead, head to a place like Calder Motor Company and take a look at their vast array of used cars. These can be much better value than their new equivalents. They will all come with a three month warranty, and will have solid service histories. From cool second hand SUVs to a cheeky nearly new hybrid, there will be a car for every sort of family.

Safety Features

You will want any car that you purchase to be a safe haven for your little darlings. It doesn’t matter whether you simply ferry them short distances to school and to swimming lessons, or longer distances across the country to visit pals, you want a vehicle that is resilient should a collision occur. Head to the Euro NCAP safety website and check out the reviews for the cars you are looking to purchase. At the very least, they should have side impact bars, advanced braking systems and blind spot sensors.


As a parent, you want to save as much money as possible. Having a lemon on the driveway costing you too much money to fix all the time is not economical. Look for a car that does at least forty miles to the gallon and that belongs to a lower insurance group. You might even fancy checking out the latest hybrid cars, especially if you are eager to do your bit to save the environment and halt climate change. These vehicles may cost more to buy initially, but they don’t require fuel, have no tax to pay, and are massively cheap to run. The initial outlay will pay for itself in a matter of months. 


Finding a new car for your family can either sound like fun, or it can sound like a chore. Follow this guide and you will find yourself with a safe, reliable and economical car on your driveway in no time.

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