Fun Ways to Personalise Your New Family Car

Collaborative Post¦ New family car? Looking for a fun way to add your own little touch to it? Look no further, as we’ve compiled a list of fun and unique ways to personalize your new family car to make it safer, fun and a touch more attractive.

New seat covers

If you’re interested in protecting your car’s resale value then some custom or personalised seat covers can add a nice touch to the car. This is especially true if your kids like to “claim” a car seat and they want their own designs or colours on specific seats. Not only does this add a touch of personalisation, but it can also protect your seats so that they’re in less danger of fading due to sunlight or being stained by drinks and food.

Custom number plate

Getting your new family car personalised number plates is a fantastic way to add a touch of customisation. Not only does it make your car stand out, but it actually makes it easier for your kids to spot the car when you’re picking them up from school or if you’re waiting in a parking lot for them. Of course, the car’s shape and colour are bigger indicators, but it’s always nice to have something extra so that your kids know where the family car is.

Add a nice scent to your car

New cars smell amazing but you can always extend the smell a little thanks to all of the air fresheners out there that are designed to be used in cars. You can pick a scent that your family loves and swap it out to something you personally enjoy when you’re driving alone to pick up friends or family members. They’re usually hung on the rearview mirror and there are some designs that actually look like small pretty trinkets.

Stickers on your car

Stickers might seem like a tacky addition to your vehicle, but bumper stickers and window decals can add some fun customisation to make your vehicle stand out a little more. You can even get personalised stickers to add an extra touch of fun to your vehicle. It might be a little too much to get full-body decals for your vehicle, but a few stickers is never a bad idea.

Car organisers for storage

You can get handy car organisers that hook onto the back of the front seats if you ever find yourself lacking storage space. This can be a good place to put charging cables, drinks or just small items that your family members don’t want to hold on to. It can also be a place to add things like tissues or safety items such as a belt cutter. Extra storage is always a good way to make car journeys a little less frustrating for your family members.

Enjoy some music

There are plenty of unique ways to enjoy music through your car stereo and you’ll also find that replacing the speakers can be a viable option if your existing ones aren’t up to your standard.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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