Relax & Make Money Once The Kids Are Asleep

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Collaborative Post¦ When the kids are finally in bed, us mums have a few spare precious moments to ourselves.

 It’s obviously the perfect time to relax, but how about making some money while you’re there?

 Managing a family on a small budget means that you may need some extra spare cash from time to time.

 Luckily, there are some easy and pretty stress-free ways to earn an extra quid or two in the evenings — here are some ideas to get you started…


Blogging is a mummy-earning no-brainer.

Writing blog posts and creating content for an online blog and social media profiles comes almost naturally to anyone who enjoys documenting family life.

That’s not the say that blogging isn’t hard work as well, but if you’re strict with yourself, you can keep a blog going with only a few hours of maintenance every week. Choose an easy-to-use blogging theme and lean on friends and family to help supply you with pictures and content ideas.

Don’t feel the need to write very long posts either — use pictures to break them up.

Write about things you like and are passionate about so that blogging will be almost as relaxing as journalling. Blog about a specific topic in order to be recognised as a niche expert (blog ideas: batch cooking, capsule wardrobes, low-cost holidays etc.).

There are many ways to make money from blogging:

  • Working with brands
  • Affiliate marketing/product placement
  • Advertising

Once you have a blog with a bit of traffic and authority, you will find it a lot quicker and easier to monetise it.

Online gaming

Online gaming like slots and poker sometimes gets a bad rep, but it’s possible to earn a tidy sum playing these games online.

The odds aren’t necessarily as stacked up against you as you’d think, and you can play simpler games (think CandyCrush) for those nights when blackjack is just too much of a stretch.

Surveys & mystery shopping

Filling in surveys and acting as a mystery shopper (which you can do online) won’t make you rich in a week, but it’s a handy way to earn some money and get good value vouchers and money-off deals too. Here are some of the best survey sites for you to check out.

Mystery shopping is great for anyone who loves shopping (obviously), but it also suits anybody who is willing to honestly share their experience(s).

Slightly different, is the more technical UX/usability testing that many web and app development projects require (and pay for). Signing up for user testing groups and sites is another easy thing to do when the kids have gone to bed.

Money-back sites

Money-back and cashback sites make shopping and paying bills a bit more fun — earn points and money back simply be spending it.

For a little bit of extra effort, you could be making loads of monthly savings.  All you have to do is sign up to these sites, share some information with them, and complete surveys and tasks from time to time.

Cashback sites are especially good for recurring costs like phone bills or larger purchases. 100% recommended for mums on a budget — and they make shopping more fun too.


Competitions can be a hard way to make money, because there are really no guarantees that you will win (or that you’ll win anything you need).

Nevertheless, competitions are fun to do and can be a great way to pass the time and potentially come out with something good at the end of it.

Think about applying for smaller and medium-sized competitions with less entrants. And remember: the more effort an entry requires, the less people there will be doing it.

Facebook selling

Selling via Facebook groups or Facebook Marketplace is a growing source of income for families, and one that seems to be growing in today’s recycling-conscious age.

All you need to do is take some simple pictures, write up descriptions, and you could be well on your way to clearing out some junk and earning a decent wad of cash.

It’s also a very frugal way to shop…

Other money-making ideas

Here are some other ways to make money at home:

  • Retail arbitrage
  • Online tutoring (huge demand for English-speakers)
  • Copywriting (great for bloggers)
  • Social media management (schedule it all at night)
  • Dropshipping
  • Etsy selling (lucrative for craft-loving mums).

Relaxing after a long day of childcare might sometimes mean a candlelit night in the bath with a glass of Merlot, but if you’ve got a bit of energy left and need the money, why not test out some of these ideas?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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