4 tips to keep your children happy on the road

Collaborative Post¦ Can you believe how quickly this year is going? It seems like only last week I was putting the Christmas tree away and now I’m wondering where on Earth we’re going to store all the Easter chocolate! But now Easter is over and done with, many of us are looking forward to the next big thing on our family calendars: The Annual Family Holiday.

But did you know that many parents find the idea of travelling with their children extremely stressful? Car journeys in particular can make parents feel uneasy and this is due to the inability to comfort or console their little ones like they do at home. Let’s face it, it can’t be easy to be strapped into a car seat for several hours, with loud traffic and the rumble of the road grumbling in your ears. So, with all this in mind, I’ve rounded up 4 tips to help keep your little ones happy on the road.

Good luck!

Break out the colouring!

Colouring, activity pages, quizzes and drawing from their imagination, there’s so much you can do with a few colouring pens and some pages printed from the internet – check out the Printer Inks website for HP ink deals. Giving them a calm activity like colouring will certainly keep them occupied for a little while, especially if they choose the colouring pages themselves or choose a new colouring book specially for the journey.

Colouring in art and craft activity

Create a family playlist

The radio can’t be relied upon for entertainment while you’re travelling through the country, so get busy before you travel by making a family playlist. Crank the fun vibes up and get a party bus from San Francisco rentals to make enjoying music one big family party! When you make your playlists, Get the children involved and fill it with songs that everyone loves and can sing along to! I also like to include a few maths songs – things like their times tables, so they can concentrate on finding the answers and hopefully keep their minds off the seemingly never ending journey!

Or try an audiobook

Having kids in the back with books is great. But they could drop them on the floor out of reach or start fighting over who’s book is who’s with their siblings. Stressful to say the least. So, why not download a couple of audiobooks for the kids to enjoy along the way? A selection of short stories – that they’ve chosen themselves will certainly keep the car quiet for while!

Child listening to headphones in nature

Let them have their tech

As parents, it’s easy to become concerned about how much screen time the kids are having. But sometimes – especially if the journey is particularly stressful – it’s easier just to relax the rules a little and let them have their tablets or smart devices to keep them occupied. As long as they know it’s a treat, it shouldn’t affect them too much. If there is only one device, then invest in a tablet holder that will hang over the back of your headrest so they can watch a film together instead of fighting!

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