How To Dress Your Toddler Beautifully



Collaborative Post¦ Dressing your child can be a very fun thing to do, not only because it allows you to help them feel comfortable and warm, but you can see your child looking cute as a button. Of course, actual fashion here is less important than helping your child feel comfortable, look relatively smart, and to ensure they are warm and protected. For that reason, it’s important not to overthink things. Makeup and other child-pageant-esque applications are best left alone here, as those practices can be somewhat questionable. But aside from that, your great sense as a mother should allow you to enjoy this process!

However, toddlers will be toddlers of course, and so sometimes helping them dress is a fun little challenge and should be a comforting process itself. Dressing your toddler beauty, if achieved well, will help them feel comfortable and mobile in their clothing, warm when they need it, and hygienic. It’s laos the case that because of the many changes a toddler goes through, you will need to adjust your approach from time to time. Let us consider what that might look like:


Clothes That Fit


Fitting clothes, or simply clothes that feel comfortable to wear (it’s okay if they’re slightly too large!) can allow your child to simply look smart and presentable, and will often help you assess if said clothes are in good condition. Also, since your toddler is likely experiencing growth spurt after growth spurt, it’s not uncommon for previously comforting clothing to now be too tight to wear or will be much too small for their needs. This is a normal consideration, and nothing to worry about. It just means you need to be discerning regarding their wardrobe, consider what the future of ‘fitting clothes’ might look like when making your purchasing choices, and not to dress them in anything overly complex or that could cause them discomfort.




While it might be a cute image, dressing your toddler in a grayscale three piece suit might not be the best choice. A child is learning to the world around them, and that means they’re often attractive to colorful items. Buying them colorful kids clothes not only allows you to help them look truly cute as a button, but it might help them view the clothing as ‘fun’ and worth wearing. Showing them the fun mouse patterns on their t-shirt, or how their socks have their favorite cartoon character on them can help them feel less tense about the dressing process each morning, because sometimes they may dislike having garments pulled and pushed onto them, at least from their perspective.



While hand-me-downs are hardly some cardinal sin, it’s important to ensure that the condition of their clothes are cared for. Clothing they can easily rip, get out of, stain or that might be harder to clean can be difficult in terms of how often you need to replace or repair them, and how often you need to was them. Also, it’s important to inspect their body somewhat closely to ensure no rashes or chafing burns are occurring due to a particular outfit. If you notice this, you may retire it for the future.


With these tips, we hope you’re able to make informed apparel decisions for your lovely toddler.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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