Review: A whale of a time with gelli and slime

Gifted Autumn and I really enjoy sensory play. Of course, it’s great for her development too. Amongst other things, it helps to develop fine motor skills and aid creativity. We recently tried out Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and Slime Play from Zimpli Kids.

Gelli Baff and Slime Baff

I first heard of Gelli Baff about 11 years ago on a TV advert. Of course, I didn’t really think any more of it, since I didn’t have children (actually, I was still a child myself!) However, the range has expanded since then. There are more colours and there are more products including Slime Baff and Crackle Baff!

If you’re worried about your kids using them, you needn’t be. Zimpli Kids assure that their products are the following:

  • Stain free
  • Preservative free
  • 100% safe on skin and non irritant
  • Non toxic
  • EU, USA and Australia safety compliant
  • UK manufactured

Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and Glitter Slime Play

Gelli Baff

We were sent Gelli Baff in Princess Pink and this was the first of these products we tried. Autumn loved pouring the powder into the bath, but was a bit unsure when the water started to turn to gelli. After a short while, she became accustomed to it and absolutely loved it. T

Toddler in Princess Pink Gelli Baff

hese products are a potential choking hazard, so have an age rating of 3+ on them. However, Autumn is a mature 2.5 years and I was monitoring her closely the whole time. I just had to tell her that this was a kind of jelly that you can’t eat!

Surprisingly, the Gelli Baff actually looked more orange than the pink I was expecting. However, it did look pink when I picked it up and looked at it on my hand! Autumn loved squeezing the gelli as we talked about the texture. She excitedly called my husband up to play too, shouting “Daddy! Come look at me gelli bath!”

Princess Pink Gelli Baff on hand

When it came to cleaning up, you just add more water to make it more liquid and it goes down the plug hole. The packaging says that it’s biodegradable, which is good to know. It wasn’t anywhere near as messy as I feared it was going to be!

Slime Baff

With the slime baff, I made the mistake of using a little too much water in the bath. However, it was still quite slimy – particularly if you were in the bath! Autumn enjoyed helping me to pour the slime powder in.

Pouring slime baff powder into bath

She also loved the bright Blue Goo colour and kept pretending she was swimming in it! (Obviously we had to be careful, as it is VERY slippery!)

Toddler swimming in Blue Goo slime baff

She had a great time playing and watching the strings of slime as she pulled her toy octopus out of the water.

Slime Play

Wondering what to do with Autumn on a windy, rainy day, I got the Slime Play out of the cupboard. With the slime baff in mind, I used a higher ratio of powder to water than recommended to make it slimier.

Glitter Slime Play

Changing the ratio worked well for us. I used a large lunchbox to make the mixture in and waited the recommended 20 minutes for it to get properly slimy before I gave it to Autumn.

Playing with Glitter Slime Play

She was amazed by it and loved touching it and watching the goo drip off of her hands. She also enjoyed looking at the little pieces of glitter in the slime and trying to get individual ones out. As such, this was a great activity for her fine motor skills!

Toddler watching Glitter Slime Play

Although I put newspapers down on the floor, Autumn still managed to get slime in various places. It took some wiping, but came off of the table well, when I spotted some on the sofa. I gave it a gentle scrub with a wet cloth and let it dry. There is now no sign of it, which was a relief!

Toddler watching string of slime

We were very impressed with these products and had great fun with them! They’re a perfect activity for evenings or rainy days when you feel like doing something a little different.

Disclosure: Zimpli Kids gifted me these products in return for a review. As always, all views are honest and my own.

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