5 simple ways to refresh your bedroom over a weekend

After the bright dazzling lights of the Christmas season, after the tree and decorations have all been put away for another year, and the miserable weather (hopefully) starts to brighten up again, your bedroom might be looking a little tired.

Stuffy, cramped, messy and cluttered – all these things stop our bedrooms from being the relaxing and calming retreats we need to unwind after a busy day at work or running around after the kids. So, with that in mind, how can you quickly transform and refresh your bedroom with as little disruption as possible? Well, check out these 5 simple ways to refresh your bedroom over a weekend!

Your skirting boards

You’ll be surprised and how many people forget all about these crucial little things. Skirting boards run around the edge of each room and serve to protect walls from potential scuffs and scrapes and damage. You could consider replacing them – check out this skirting board website for more information – or simply re-paint them to freshen them up. You’ll be amazed at the difference!


New year, new you, right? Well, one way to totally freshen up your bedroom is to completely declutter your bedroom. Clutter is something that gives us stress and is generally, bad for our mental health. So, clearing your bedroom of all the things that don’t bring you joy, things that are out of place, clothes that no longer fit or make you feel good, or things that just don’t belong will not only make your room clearer, but also your mind. It’s a win, win!

Change your lighting

Gloomy corners, dusty old ceiling lights and faded old lamp shades, the lighting in your bedroom plays a big factor in the mood, the relaxation factor and style. Why not switch up that boring old overhead lamp for a glamorous, mini chandelier. Add a dimmer switch so you can create the perfect mood either for relaxing or getting intimate, add a couple of new lamps into those dark corners, or try something a little romantic by adding some candles here and there. Or if you want something pretty, try adding a few strings of fairy lights to the bed frame.

Introduce some scent

Your partners smelly socks or just the smell of a stuffy room can be enough to put anyone off spending time in the bedroom. So, try introducing some scent to freshen things up. A few scented candles, or a linen spray, or a small room spritzer. Spray lavender before you settle into bed and you’ll find yourself much more relaxed.

Add some more softness

We all want to jump into a cosy bed after a long day so, why not make it extra special? You could replace your current arrangement of pillows and duvets, and add some new cushions, gorgeously fluffy throws, soft sheets and a thick duvet. Making your bed extra plush will certainly make falling asleep much easier of an evening. New sheets will always make your bedroom look fresh and new.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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