Frugi SS19 Summer of Scillyness!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being invited to the Frugi SS19 press launch in London. Many of you will know that I am a huge fan of Frugi, their soft organic cotton and bright, fun designs! The upcoming collection is inspired by the Isles of Scilly, which lay 28 miles off of the Cornish coast. Think bright colours, seashells, puffins and ice cream! As is standard for Frugi, these designs will appeal just as much to the children wearing them as the adults buying them.

Frugi Summer of Scillyness SS19 range press launch


Frugi’s age ranges

Children’s clothes at Frugi are divided into three main ranges:

  • My First Frugi (Tiny baby to 12 months)
  • Baby and Toddler (Newborn to 4 years)
  • Kids (Two to 10 years)

All of these have lovely offerings this season. Watch out for the seagull vest and dungarees in My First Frugi and the lovely new blanket.

Amongst Frugi groups on Facebook, there have been mutterings that boy’s clothes in the baby and toddler and kids ranges haven’t been bright enough over the last couple of seasons. Hopefully those people will relish in this release, as there are some lovely bright pieces! There is a gorgeous jumper with an aeroplane on it that I adore. Even better, there are matching parsnips! There are lots of tractors and puffins for both girls and boys in SS19 and I think you’re going to love them just as much as I did.

Swimwear/beach wear

I love this year’s range of swimwear, which includes maternity swimming costumes for mums! There are dots, seagulls, hermit crabs and ice creams which make me long for summer on a dreary winter’s day like today. Once again, Frugi’s swimwear is made of  Oeko-Tex approved fabric with UPF 50+ protection.


There are new printers for outerwear (jackets, puddle busters and wellies) this season, too. All the prints are gorgeous, but I have a soft spot for puffins after my honeymoon! Like Autumn’s jacket from a previous season, they’re made from recycled plastic bottles!

I was very impressed by this display showing how they’re made:

Frugi plastic bottle recycling coat display

And yes, that is the beautiful puffin print I mentioned!

Frugi for mums

Mums love Frugi too and some enjoy matching their children. I’m one of them, as I have an age 9-10 skirt in the same fabric as this dress of Autumn’s!

Frugi have brought out a lovely new print this season that has clothing in mum sizes and children’s sizing, which is very exciting!

As well as this, there is a beautiful new Bloom maternity range with lovely soft fabrics. My favourite is a denim dress with clouds which looks very breastfeeding friendly!

My Favourites – A Sneak Peek!

Without further ado, these are my favourites. It’s taken ages to narrow down, because quite frankly, this season is amazing in my opinion. However, I’m not allowed to show you everything!

Veggie t-shirt and parsnips

One of my favourite items was this vegetable t-shirt. I love the amount of detail on it – and this is the one time I like seeing a caterpillar on vegetables in front of me! The little ‘veggies home grown’ label finishes it off perfectly.

Frugi SS19 Summer of Scillyness vegetable t-shirt

I adore the pattern of the matching parsnips too. They’re such a fun design! As shown, as they have cuffed bottoms which can be folded up. Therefore, Autumn has had so much wear out of her parsnips from previous Frugi collections as they last ages before she grows out of them.

Frugi SS19 Summer of Scillyness vegetable t-shirt and parsnip bottoms

Puffin dress

As I mentioned, I am a huge fan of puffins. As such, I love the print on this dress! I really hope I can get my hands on one for Autumn this summer.

Frugi SS19 Summer of Scillyness puffin dress

Puffin snugglesuit

Leading on from the puffin dress, there is also a puffin snugglesuit in the range! We love snugglesuits for their practicality and versatility.

Frugi SS19 Summer of Scillyness puffin snugglesuit

Like on many of Frugi’s clothes, this print is unisex!

Boat fleece

This warm half-zip fleece was one of my favourite items. I’m not very good with boat terminology, so I can’t speak much about that aspect of the design much. I just think it looks really cool! It’s great how the design continues onto the arm.

Frugi SS19 Summer of Scillyness boat fleece

So, are you as excited for the new Frugi range to be released as I am?

Look out for the first drop of Frugi SS19 very soon over at Frugi and my favourite ethical retailer, Babi Pur.

Laura from Autumn's Mummy blog at Frugi SS19 Summer of Scillyness press launch in London

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