A letter to my daughter at 15 months

Dear Autumn,

We had so much festive fun together in your 14th month. You got two more teeth through, which wasn’t so much fun, but we got through those unsettled nights. The upside is you now have two more beautiful teeth to enjoy chomping your food with. The day you turned 14 months old, we were on holiday at Bluestone. As such, I didn’t use a milestone card or sticker. Frustratingly, I keep forgetting to use them. Although, I’m unsure whether they stopped at 12 months. I’ll try to do better next month…although you’d probably just instantly peel a sticker off and present it to me! 

Kingdom of the Elves

A visit to Elftopia isn’t a bad way to spend the day you turn 14 months old! You were a bit unsure about having red rosy cheeks, but enjoyed the activities and fake snow!

Autumn doing crafts, Kingdom of the Elves, Bluestone

Visited Santa’s Workshop

Where there are elves, Santa may well be near! We visited Santa’s Workshop a couple of hours later. He read us all a story and he gave you a toy robin.

Father Christmas at Bluestone, Wales

Got super messy

I thought I’d seen you get really messy before, but I was wrong! On the 4th day of our holiday at Bluestone we went to Shelby Snail’s Messy Play. I had never seen anything like it! You were literally diving into the paint and slime, having a whale of a time. I love your confidence!

Messiest messy play ever

Went to the Christmas fair

We went to Rochester Christmas Market when you were a baby last year, but I think you slept the whole time. This year we went the weekend of the Dickensian Festival. There were so many sights and smells for you to take in. I think you found it all quite exhausting! You somewhat enjoyed all the carols though. You seem to be quite a fan of Jingle Bells!

Had your first Christmas party

At one of the play groups I sometimes take you to, there was a Christmas party. I put you in your Christmas jumper and we enjoyed a morning of Christmas crafts and singing. Of course your favourite part was when the party food came out though. You had to sit on a small chair at a table, but that didn’t last for very long! I think we’ll be sticking to the highchair at home for a while yet. You make enough mess as it is, I can’t handle you walking around with your food at full speed!

Experienced snow

You’d seen snow falling as a very tiny baby before, but I’m sure you don’t remember it! This was your first proper experience of snow. You seemed a little unsure at first, but you soon loved it and tried to help me make snowballs! I was so glad I’d bought her this all-in-one from Frugi the week before, as it stopped her from getting a damp bottom when she fell over in it.

Got a hi-vis jacket

Autumn, you got your own hi-vis jacket this month! It says “Grandad’s Little Helper” on the back. You looked so cute standing next to Grandad and matching with him!

Hugged cheese

My darling, we are definitely related! Anyone who knows me well at all knows how cheese-obsessed I am. As soon as I picked up some cheese in the supermarket, you started pointing at it. You then wanted to hold it and hug it, as well as smiling an awful lot!


Started swimming again

I’m so pleased that we’ve started swimming with Puddleducks East Kent again! I really missed going with you, but couldn’t commit to it after the summer as I didn’t know what was going to happen at the end of maternity leave. Remarkably you remember a lot of what you need to do, even going underwater! You seem to absolutely love it; born in the water, you’re a true water baby!

Our final lesson just before Christmas was extra fun as we sang Christmas songs in the water. We also swam with Christmassy clothes on! You had a bad cold so I wasn’t sure we’d stay in the water for long, but it seemed to cheer you up.

Puddleducks Swimming East Kent, Christmas week

Saw Farmer Christmas

Just before Christmas, we found out that Santa was going to be at Broadditch Farm! He’d obviously been hard at work or getting stuck in practice chimneys, as his beard looked quite dirty! You were in a very wriggly mood and didn’t appreciate having to sit down for his story or held for a photo. I think you quite enjoyed the tractor ride and singing elves though!

Farmer Christmas, Broadditch Farm

Had a mini Christmas

We had a mini Christmas at Nanna and Grandad’s a few days before Christmas. However, there was nothing mini about your Christmas present from them! Although it was much bigger than you, you weren’t daunted and loved ripping all the wrapping paper off.

What a crazily busy, but fun month. There were many more crafts than usual, which I think you enjoyed! You also liked all the extra singing and dancing going on around you. As for Daddy and I, we were looking forward to spending Christmas with you and watching you unwrap all your presents! Your smiles and giggles are the best!

All my love always,

Mummy xxx

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