Sunday Review: MAM Toothbrushes and Spoons

Now that Autumn has teeth, we’ve been brushing her teeth for a little while. MAM kindly sent us a Learn to Brush Set to help out! Autumn likes to try to do things independently, so it’s great that it has a smaller brush for her to try and use herself. They also sent us Heat Sensitive Spoons to try, which came with a cover.

Heat Sensitive Spoons

These vibrantly coloured spoons are fantastic. It’s always useful to have lots of plastic spoons available with a baby, but these are more than your run-of-the-mill spoons.

Suitable from 6 months upwards and BPA free, these spoons change colour if food is too hot. In all honesty, this doesn’t make much of a difference to me as I always check the temperature of food myself anyway rather than relying on colour changing spoons or bowls to tell me. Also, if there is food on the spoon, you might not actually be able to see that it’s changed colour that well!

Both spoons have good grip on them. The longer spoon is good for reaching into jars of baby food when you’re out and about, and the smaller spoon is meant to allow your baby to start feeding themselves independently. Autumn likes using a spoon herself and seems to be able to use this spoon comfortably.

MAM Heat Sensitive Spoons

The cover is fantastic, as it allows you to be able to transport the spoons more hygienically and with ease. The design is great:

They have quickly become my favourite spoons to take with me if we’re going out somewhere. As the spoon area is bigger, I tend to use the smaller spoon for feeding Autumn lunch. I use the longer one for feeding her a pudding or yogurt.

Learn To Brush Set

Autumn seems to quite enjoy having her teeth brushed. However, I think she thinks toothbrushes are for chewing more than anything else at the moment! Both toothbrushes have good grip, which helps when you’re trying to brush the teeth of a wiggly baby! Again, these are BPA free and suitable from 6 months upwards.

The smaller toothbrush is designed for the baby to learn to use independently. It comes with a guard to stop them from pushing the toothbrush too far into their mouths. Autumn has a habit of almost making herself gag, so I can vouch for the guard’s necessity! This will be great as she gets bigger. However, at the moment she just seems to like chewing on it rather than trying to brush.

MAM Learn to Brush Set

We’ve been using MAM bottles since I had to give up breastfeeding, as well as their dummies since Autumn was in hospital. It’s great to try out their other products too and find that they are also brilliant! MAM is definitely one of my favourite brands for baby products. They’re innovative, fun designs and take into account what babies and their parents need.

Disclosure: MAM kindly sent me a Learn to Brush Set and Heat Sensitive Feeding Spoons & Cover in return for a review. As always, all views are honest and my own.

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