5 reasons you should have a 4D baby scan

When I was pregnant with Autumn, Dave and I were umming and ahing over whether or not to have a 4D scan. When my Mum said she’d found a voucher for Window to the Womb in Bexleyheath on Groupon and that she’d pay half of it, we decided to go for it. We booked it it when I was 32 weeks + 2 days pregnant and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Here are five reasons why you should have one done:

  1. It’s a long wait between the standard 20 week scan and meeting your baby at around 40 weeks, it’s nice to see the baby again in between that
  2. The sonographers are trained to do a ‘wellbeing check‘ and can also tell you what your baby’s gender is likely to be (all scans have a margin of error when it comes to gender prediction). It’s nice to have that extra confirmation that things are going okay and the option of finding out/checking the baby’s gender
  3. It’s amazing seeing what your baby is up to inside you – it makes it feel more real. Autumn kept putting her hand to her mouth and sucking on the placenta which was quite sweet (she kept hiding behind it though, which made it harder for them to get pictures). I didn’t even want to blink – all of my scans during pregnancy seemed to be over far too quickly!
  4. It’s fun looking at their features and seeing if you can pick out which relative they inherited them from (we could see from ours that Autumn had my lips and Dave’s nose)
  5. When the baby is born, you almost feel like you’ve met him/her already. Below are a couple of our scan pictures and pictures of Autumn once she was born for comparison

So, what do you think? Would you have a 4D scan and do you think it’s worth it?

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