Autumn's 3 most favourite books, March 2017

Inspired by World Book Day tomorrow, (2nd March 2017), I thought I’d write about some of the books Autumn has in her collection or has borrowed from the library. Since Autumn was only a 6 week old baby, I’ve been buying and reading books to her often.

It’s never too early to start reading to babies, as it helps them to learn and it’s another activity you can do to help develop their senses. To begin with, black and white books are best as they can’t see especially clearly and they enjoy looking at the contrast. As they get to a couple of months old, they start to pay more attention to bright colours. As a 5 month old, Autumn now absolutely loves books, especially if they’re brightly coloured! She really looks at them and interacts with them by touching them and trying to hold them. Sometimes she even tries to turn the pages by herself!

Autumn seems to have three favourite books currently:

  1. That’s not my dinosaur…

    Written by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells, this is one of the Usborne touchy-feely range of books. When I saw it in Morrisons a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist! Each page has a different friendly looking dinosaur with a different look or texture. There’s one with bumpy teeth, one with a squashy body and one with rough horns.

    Autumn’s favourite is the last one, the dinosaur with soft purple spines!

    If you haven’t discovered this range of books yet, I definitely recommend looking out for them. We also have That’s not my Santa… and That’s not my angel… but I’ll definitely be buying more of them in the future.

  2. Words

    This is a ‘hello baby’ book, written by Roger Priddy and illustrated by Holly Jackman. It has high contrast pictures, which really capture Autumn’s interest. I love watching her eyes scan across the pictures on each page and the often reaches out to touch them.

    The high contrast pictures provide visual stimulation which encourages baby’s development. All the items are simple everyday life objects, so these words are likely to be some of the first in a baby’s vocabulary when they begin to talk.

  3. Dinosaur Big, Dinosaur Small

Illustrated by Martina Hogan, edited by Frankie Jones and Designed by Sue Calver, this book is one we’ve borrowed from our local library. Autumn seemed to love the bright pictures inside and smiled lots when her daddy read it to her!

Reading with Autumn is definitely one of my favourite activities to do with her! I always loved reading as a child, so it’s wonderful to see her beginning to get passionate about books at such a young age. It is also really good bonding time and it’s fascinating watching her respond to the different pictures in each book.

Have you read any of these books with your child? What are your child’s current favourites?

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8 thoughts on “Autumn's 3 most favourite books, March 2017”

  1. Thank you! 🙂 They’re really good – they have lovely bright colours which really draw her attention. I think the dinosaur noises I make when I read them help too! I hope your niece enjoys them as much as my little one does xx

  2. Autumn is such a beauty!
    When my children were babies, I read to them every night. We didn’t read these particular books but similar ones. When the got older I would let them ‘read’ to me. They would make up their own story based on the pictures!

  3. These books are cute. They are bright and beautiful. I can see why your child would love them.

  4. My ten month old loves the “that’s not my…” Range. We have about 6 or 7 different ones but her favourite is that’s not my elf, one of their Xmas specials. I feel slightly silly reading this in public with her in the middle of March but it really is her favourite.

    Gorgeous picture too, Autumn looks like she is really engaging with the book

  5. They’re great, aren’t they! I stopped reading her That’s Not My Santa after the festive season, but I imagine we’ll probably go through the same when she’s older! Thank you 🙂

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