10 reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood

LastΒ Friday I was over at Mummy Miller‘s blog, when a recent post of hers caught my eye; 10 reasons I’m #Rocking Motherhood.

We’re often so tough on ourselves as mothers and parents, so I think it’s important that every now and then we just take a breath and think about all the positive things we’re doing as parents. I enjoyed reading Mummy Miller’s post and at the bottom it said that she was tagging anyone who may be reading it that hadn’t completed this challenge…so, I thought I’d give it a go!

  1. When I was pregnant, I did everything in my power I could to make sure that I was going to have a healthy baby. I ate as healthily as I could and when my iron levels were low towards the end of my pregnancy, I went through days of eating only iron rich foods to the point where I swore I could taste metal. It seems to have worked as when she was born she got 10/10 on her Apgar test and apart from her cyst and operation she has *touch wood* been healthy. Doctors reassured me that there was nothing I could have done to change that. (By the way, credit for this photo goes to the brilliant Robert Marriott Photography).
  2. When Autumn was in hospital, I was in very ill health myself, but I stayed with her absolutely every moment I could. I barely left her side really, to the point that it affected my health badly. Even at the time of her operation, I wasn’t really well enough to breastfeed but I was still setting alarms for myself in the middle of the night to express milk to take to her in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in the hope that it would help her to get better quickly.
  3. After 9 years of vegetarianism I gave it up. After giving birth to Autumn I was incredibly anaemic and eventually I was put on iron tablets that were 3000% of the recommended daily amount, three times a day. In order to get better as quickly as possible to be the best mum I could do Autumn, I started forcing myself to eat meat again (I still don’t really like it that much though!)
  4. I can usually read her and why she’s upset or angry. Teething has confused things a little over the last month, but when she woke me up on Friday morning crying, it was like I instinctively knew it was her teeth coming through. After some milk, some Calpol and some cuddles she calmed down.
  5. I make her smile a LOT, so I clearly must be doing something right! I can usually make her smile too by making a combination of low pitched and high pitched noises or by singing. When I say good morning to her and kiss her cheeks and head, she does the most adorable smile – kisses make her so happy and smiley!
  6. I encourage her to learn by talking to her and playing with her and by doing different things with her like taking her to the sensory room.
  7. I love her and she loves me. I can tell by the way that she looks at me that she loves me and I know she knows that I love her and am there for her. She often stops crying when she sees me and sometimes when she’s crying only a Mummy or Daddy hug will do!
  8. I look after her the best I can. I keep her warm, fed, clean, give her cuddles and kisses and make her feel loved and safe.
  9. Autumn will grow up to feel loved with a big family of people who adore her. I try to keep everyone updated on what how she’s doing and on milestones she’s achieved as well as the little things she’s constantly learning to do.

Autumn is my priority, she’ll grow up knowing that I always put her first and I’ve got her back.


Well, I found that quite challenging! How do you think you’re rocking motherhood?

Let me know below or in your own blog post – I tag you!

12 thoughts on “10 reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood”

  1. Aw i love this πŸ™‚ every mum should do this, just to make themselves realise that actually we are doing a wonderful job! I’d like to join in with this! Could do with the feel-good factor lol. You are a wonderful mummy! As long as there’s love, everything else will fall into place! – becky xo

  2. Thank you! πŸ™‚ Yes, it’s far too easy for us to criticise ourselves and not see that actually it’s a really hard job and we’re actually doing really well! Go for it, I’d love to read your reasons! xx

  3. Thank you for taking part. It sure is a hard post to write and I have to confess it took me days to finish mine. Autumn sure is a very luck little girl to have you as her mummy. It must have been quite a hard time for you when she was in hospital. I love your last point when you say you will always have her back. I think that’s really is it. We will always have their back no matter what. You sure are #RockingMotherhood!

  4. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I love #RockingMotherhood because it’s far too easy to criticise ourselves, especially at those times in the middle of the night when our child is crying and we’re at our wits end. Although it is challenging to find 10 reasons, we’re all managing to do it and coming out of it thinking “Hey, maybe I’m not doing such a bad job!” and that is a powerful thing πŸ™‚

  5. This is a gorgeous blog post. I love the Christmas outfit too! Love the #rocking motherhood idea πŸ™‚ #thelistlinky

  6. Such a great idea. After a busy week at work, when I’m down and knackered, it’s easy to only see the negatives when in reality we all have a lot to be proud of. #TheListLinky

  7. Yes ?? You’re rocking motherhood Hun. We should all keep this positivity when we’re going through long days of challenges.

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