HiPP Organic Fruit Pots

Sunday Review: HiPP Organic

While I try to give Autumn what we’re eating as much as possible and give her fresh healthy foods, I do often rely on jars and pouches. They’re so much more practical when you’re out and about or in a rush.

HiPP Organic have recently sent me some jars to try. I’m picky about what I give her, but I really like these as they have no added sugar.

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Creams British Luxury Bluewater

Afternoon tea at Creams British Luxury, Bluewater

I can’t lie; when I found out about Creams British Luxury opening at Bluewater, I was excited. As far as I’m aware, there’s nowhere else at Bluewater that you can go for an afternoon tea. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to visit them and write a review. My mum adores afternoon tea, so I thought I’d take her as my guest for a pre-birthday treat.

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MAM Learn to Brush Set

Sunday Review: MAM Toothbrushes and Spoons

Now that Autumn has teeth, we’ve been brushing her teeth for a little while. MAM kindly sent us a Learn to Brush Set to help out! Autumn likes to try to do things independently, so it’s great that it has a smaller brush for her to try and use herself. They also sent us Heat Sensitive Spoons to try, which came with a cover.

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Harry and Rose gentle baby hair and body wash review

Harry & Rose Hair and Body Wash

If there’s something I like doing, it’s helping to support local businesses. I met Harry & Rose at The Baby Show in Birmingham, but was delighted to find out they’re from Kent. At The Baby Show, I bought some of their Baby Nappy Spray. I love it as it’s so gentle, smells pleasant and you don’t have to rub it into your baby’s bottom. This is much easier now that Autumn’s on the move! It seems to have helped. We also tried some of their Baby Soft Lotion, which I was also impressed with.

When the opportunity arose to try Harry & Rose Hair – Body Wash, I was eager to give it a try.

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Summer fun with TJ Hughes

Summer is my favourite time of year. With longer days and warmer lights, I generally feel happier and more carefree. I’m always keen to make each summer as fun as possible, and I know that as Autumn gets older, they’re likely to get more and more fun!

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