Sunday Review: Kat Von D 'Everlasting' liquid lipstick

I used to enjoy watching L.A. Ink and Miami Ink when I had channels they were available on. To some extent, I’ve followed Kat Von D ever since. I love looking at her clothing, makeup and tattoos on social media, as well as her adorable cats! When she released a makeup range a few years ago, I loved the look of the products! Part of the pulling power for me was the gorgeous colours and ranges, as well as the fact that her cosmetics are vegan and paraben free. Animal cruelty is something that is always at the back of my mind when I’m purchasing new makeup and I also am growing increasingly concerned about using parabens. When some of Kat Von D’s range was finally released in the UK in September 2016 in Debenhams I was delighted! I purchased a ‘Studded kiss’ lipstick in Motorhead, as well as the London Calling limited edition set (which is no longer available). This contained mini versions of Tattoo Liner in Trooper, ‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick in Double Dare and ‘Studded kiss’ lipstick in Lolita.

Today I’m reviewing the Double Dare ‘Everlasting’ liquid lipstick.

If you haven’t jumped onto the bandwagon of liquid lipsticks yet, I definitely recommend it! This is my first liquid lipstick and I think it’s very good, although I have been told that NYX Cosmetics and Kylie Cosmetics (by Kylie Jenner) liquid lipsticks are also fantastic. I’m hoping to try NYX liquid lipstick in the future – it’s a lot cheaper than the Kat Von D one, so it would be interesting to find out how similar it is. I’d love to try a Kylie lip kit too, but it’s difficult and expensive to get them in the UK!

So, back to the review. It comes in a gorgeous tube with Kat Von D written on the side and the lid is a gorgeous black and silver tattoo-like design. There is a ‘KVD’ monogram on the top.

Inside is a slightly spongey applicator, just like you have with a lipgloss.

As such, it kind of applies like one too. For best results, the description on the website says

For perfect results shake the bottle well before application and apply a single layer in a smooth, even motion.

When you apply it, it feels so smooth and creamy. It feels lovely actually, I’ve never put such a nice feeling product on my lips before. It contains natural moisturisers including Vitamin E and sunflower seed wax, so while you’re wearing it your lips are also being cared for – win! I found application a little tricky, especially on my cupid’s bow. You have to be careful that you don’t have too much on the applicator.

It dries very quickly and dries with a matte finish, which is very en vogue currently! Performance-wise, it lasts very well too. The colour stays strong and stays on for hours, especially if you aren’t eating during that period of time. However, I’ve found that even through eating and drinking it holds on well in comparison to the majority of other lipsticks! It would probably be even better if you used it with a lipstick sealer like Lipcote, but I haven’t tried using them in conjunction yet. Obviously, if you did, you’d need to wait for the lipstick to dry before applying the Lipcote!

Here it is in action:

As you can see, it’s quite a natural looking colour! I think it would suit every skin tone and match any outfit, so it’s very versatile.

Here’s a round-up of the pros and cons:


  • Lovely smooth and creamy feel to it when you put it on
  • Contains natural moisturisers, including Vitamin E and sunflower seed wax
  • Paraben free
  • Vegan (no animal byproducts used and not tested on animals)
  • Dries quickly
  • Has a matte finish
  • Good staying power
  • Would match any outfit and suit any skin tone
  • The container is a lovely design


  • Tricky to apply
  • Much more expensive than NYX liquid lipstick (retailing at £17 as opposed to around £6.50)

Thank you for reading, I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

Have you tried a liquid lipstick? If so, what did you think of it?

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6 thoughts on “Sunday Review: Kat Von D 'Everlasting' liquid lipstick”

  1. Oh wow I’ve never tried the KVD range but right now I want to run out and grab that lipstick! Love the colour! I’ve tried the NYX liquid lipsticks recently and was very impressed! Great review x

  2. I love it, I wear it all the time! I’ve recently tried a couple of NYX liquid lipsticks, but wasn’t as impressed with them as I was this one.
    Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you liked it x

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