Why I still play Pokemon Go a year on

Do people still even play Pokemon Go?” I saw written about a million times underneath posts on social media celebrating a year of Pokemon Go last week. Unless you were hiding under a rock somewhere this time last year, you’ll probably remember the craze of Pokemon Go within the first few weeks of its release. Everyone and their mums (literally) were outside in the sunshine with their phones, frantically swiping at their screens to catch pixel creatures.

Today marks a year since I downloaded the app to my phone, through a site based in Hong Kong as it hadn’t officially been released in the UK. Unlike most people who played it for a couple of months as part of the craze, I’m still playing it a year on. But why?

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Sunday Review: Pacif-i, the smart connected pacifier

I’m someone who has always had an interest in new developments in technology. When I was pregnant, I heard about Pacif-i, a smart dummy/pacifier that links to your smartphone via bluetooth. It tells you your child’s temperature and can track medication. With a £40 price tag I wasn’t sure about purchasing one. However, there are times that it is VERY handy to have one! 

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How to buy a car: New vs Nearly New vs Used

Whether it’s your first car, or you’ve bought several cars, buying a car can be a nerve-wracking experience. I’ve been fortunate, as my Dad used to be a mechanic. Growing up, I was always interested in cars, and he taught me the basics. If I want to buy a car, I still take him with me. Failing that, I ask my Uncle-in-law along, as he’s also very knowledgeable about cars.

There are several things you should bear in mind when buying a car, whether it’s new, nearly new or used. Hopefully this will help you out!

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Car maintenance tips to avoid breakdown

When you’re a parent, one of the last things you want is for your car to break down. With children in the car, a breakdown becomes even more of a nightmare! While you’re on the way to pick them up is potentially worse. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to make this situation less likely. 

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When should I change my car tyres

Last Monday when I got Autumn and I home from swimming, I assessed my car tyres before I got my things out. “Hmm, the front nearside tyre’s tread is getting a bit worn” I thought to myself.

When I was little, I remember my Dad regularly checking the tyres on his car and showing me how to check them using a 20p coin. However, I realise that a lot of people out there probably have several questions buzzing around their minds when it comes to tyres: “How often should I check my tyres?”, “How do I check that my tyres aren’t too worn?”, “Can I prevent my tyres from getting worn so quickly?” and “What are the dangers of driving with worn tyres?”

With many parents reading my blog, I wonder how many busy mums and dads are reading this thinking “Oh, I’m so busy! I don’t even remember the last time I checked my tyres”. However, it is so important for the safety of you and your child/ren! Sponsored by Point S, today I’m sharing the importance of having the correct tread on your tyres as well as a few tips!

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