5 ways to incorporate self care into your routine

Collaborative Post¦ In our busy world with work, meetings, family life, and other commitments, life can get pretty hectic. When was the last time you sat down and gave yourself a bit of TLC? Making space to spend a little bit of “me time” can have a wonderful impact on your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. And it really doesn’t take as much effort as you might think!

Self-care doesn’t have to be a big commitment. By changing up your daily routine, you can tick off your to-do list without feeling like you’re running on empty. The question is, how can you incorporate self-care into a busy routine? The answer: It’s all about changing your habits (which only takes a few minutes each day!).

From morning mindfulness to evening relaxation, we’ve got 5 ways to mix up your self-care game throughout the day.

1. Morning mindfulness

Find yourself hitting the snooze button each morning? While a lie-in is always a tempting thought, waking up a little earlier to give yourself the time and space to do the things you enjoy is a great way to start the day. Your morning mindfulness routine can include anything that puts you in a good mood. For example, take some time out with guided meditation, some journaling, deep breathing exercises, or a workout. 

If you can, sit down for a healthy breakfast. Ingredients like eggs, whole grains, avocado, yoghurt and berries are all delicious options that’ll kickstart your metabolism and set you up for the day ahead. And you don’t even have to give up your coffee!

It’s easy to forget our water intake, especially when we’re focused on other things. But did you know starting the day with a big drink of water helps flush out our system and gives the body a little boost. Keeping your water handy throughout the day, like a reusable water bottle on your nightstand or on your desk, makes it a little easier to stay hydrated.

2. Midday recharge

Let’s not gloss over the power of the lunch break. Giving yourself a lunchtime break will help you recharge, reset and tackle the latter half of your day with more energy. With a quick time-out, you’ll be prepared to face the afternoon.

Here are some ideas for making time for yourself at lunch:

  • If it’s a nice day, put on your walking shoes and get outdoors. A brisk walk will clear your head and you’ll get a dose of those feel-good hormones
  • If you have the time, enjoy flipping through a few pages of your latest read
  • Or take part in something creative, like drawing, knitting, or crocheting. You can pop your project in your bag, and pull it out when you need a quick mental recharge.

3. Afternoon creativity break

We’ve all heard of that 3pm slump—where the wall just hits you and the tank feels empty. If you find yourself starting to fade before the day is done, it may be a sign that you need to unplug for a few minutes.

When you consciously switch off, you can reconnect with the world around you. Whether you’re at work or home, it’s a good idea to break away from the screen and enjoy those tech-free moments. Any last-minute emails (or those funny videos) can wait until later. 

A good way to recharge is to focus on something away from the screens. Play fetch with your pup, dance to your favourite tunes while you prep for dinner, or get your hands dirty in the garden. And, if you have a craft project on the go, you can pick up where you left off.

4. Evening relaxation 

When the day is done, it’s time to wind down and get ready for a good night’s sleep. If you have difficulty drifting off to dreamland, or you find yourself waking at odd hours, a relaxation ritual can help bring more self care into your nighttime routine.

  • A warm bubble bath or a nice hot shower is a nice way to start your nighttime wind down. This’ll relax your muscles, make you feel calm, and the warmth of the water is always enjoyable! 
  • Once you have your pyjamas on, you can put your feet up and do whatever makes you happy. Some people like to kick back and watch a show on TV, while others prefer to pick up a book — the choice is yours!
  • Before you dive under the covers, pour yourself a soothing tea in an insulated reusable cup which will stay hot for hours. Chamomile is a great option, as it is known for its calming properties. Alternatively, you can purchase dedicated sleepytime blends to help you drift off.

The Wrap Up

When you mix up your day with mindful activities, your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing can all benefit big time. From getting a boost in energy, to enjoying a more restful sleep, the domino effect can be significant! So there you have it, a range of ideas to help you take more time out for yourself. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy it!

Cover photo by Tom Van Soens on Unsplash