Review: PAJ Power Finder 4G GPS Tracker

(Gifted)¦ I don’t know about you, but no more than a day seems to pass before I see yet another missing vehicle post in local groups in social media. After recently seeing a girl on TikTok reclaim her stolen car thanks to having a tracker in it, it inspired me and I thought perhaps we should do the same! With impeccable timing, leading European tracking device company PAJ sent us their Power Finder 4G GPS tracker to put to the test. It’s well worth noting that PAJ GPS have a variety of products. Not only do they have car tracking devices, they have products suitable for tracking dogs, luggage and making sure your kids get home safely from school. While the ones that install on the vehicle’s battery are more discreet, I like how portable our Power Finder 4G is so we can use it for different purposes if we want to.

Power Finder 4G Device

Upon opening the box, my first impressions were very good. This is clearly a company who knows what they’re doing and takes pride in having a good relationship with their customers.

The tracker itself feels very well made and is splashproof. It comes with an M2M sim card already inserted as well as a manual, quickstart guide, charger and adhesive magnet. As a 4G device, it is future-proofed and can be used in over 100 countries. This will be perfect for seeing where my husband is on his way to and from business trips in Germany, as I’ll no longer need to pester him for updates on where he is! He also won’t need to charge it while he’s away, as it has a 10,000 mAh battery. This lasts around 40 days (with a tracking duration of around 1 hour per day) or 90 days on standby). At 11.8 x 6.7 x 3.7 centimetres, it’s small enough to tuck into the glovebox or side compartment of the boot without causing annoyance.

Activating the Device

The first step to activation is following the instructions online and selecting your subscription. There are a good range of options:

  • £3.75 per month (£89.99 every 2 years)
  • £4.58 per month (£54.99 yearly)
  • £5.99 per month (£5.99 monthly)

Once you’ve done this and charged the tracker for 8 hours, it’s time to switch it on! You’ll probably want a flat head screwdriver for this part as the cover is a bit tough to get off. I didn’t want to ruin my nails! The rubber cover inside just lifts off, revealing the on/off switch.

Just slide the switch, pop the rubber cover and plastic cover back on and press the power button (on the side next to the charger hole) for 3 seconds.

The red LED on the front will glow and the battery indicator on the side should light up for around 20 seconds to show you that it’s on. Then it’s time to get the app, follow the instructions and get tracking! Most of the setup had already been done for us, but I suspect it’s fairly straightforward like everything else has been using the app.

The PAJ Portal App

The app is very user-friendly and I was very pleasantly surprised by how much it offers as well as how customisable it is. You can:

  • Set up geofencing so that you’re notified when the tracker leaves a certain zone
  • Get alarms and push notifications or emails for various events such as the tracker moving, entering or leaving the geofencing area, low battery or exceeding a certain speed
  • Have a line on the map showing the route the tracker has taken
  • Show route points (including showing the direction of travel and you can also show where the tracker has stopped)
  • Show heat mapping
  • Dark mode
  • Change the name of your device, the colour it shows on the map and set a device image
  • View your device’s statistics and view the history of where it has been and its speed etc. for the last 365 days

The app updates to show where the tracker is every 30 seconds, unless it’s changing direction, in which case it updates more. I have been very impressed to see it moving along in real-time with brilliant precision when I’ve been on car journeys! Apparently, it’s accurate up to 5 metres.

The PAJ Power Finder 4G currently retails for £149.99 and you can get yours here. I think this product is worth every penny for how well it works, the fantastic battery life and how versatile and customisable it is. Not only that, but the peace of mind it can give you is priceless.

Disclosure: The aforementioned product was sent to us to review and we have been compensated for our time. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.