Unusual gifts for the person who has everything

Collaborative Post¦ If you’re anything like me, you have fun when you start Christmas shopping. Spotting things people you love will like and envisioning their faces opening their thoughtfully chosen gift. Yet, the closer you get to Christmas, you start stressing. There’s someone on your list and you just don’t know what to buy for them…and it’s the same person that’s on your list last every year. Everything you can think of, they already have. So how on earth do you buy them a gift? Well, here are some unusual gifts for the man or woman who has everything. Hopefully this list will inspire you…then the panic is over until their birthday! Psst…there are also some exclusive discount codes hiding!

1. Hydria Life

Fountains are both beautiful and relaxing. Now, you can gift someone special the ability to turn any pot into a fountain (indoor or outdoor) with Hydria Life! There are no cords or solar panels, it’s rechargeable and it can run for up to 2 months. It would be the perfect Christmas gift for parents! It’s very customisable, from the timer to the colour of the lights and the height and style of the fountain. No wonder it’s award winning!

One of my favourite ways you can customise the fountain is with ornamental fountainheads. The mindfulness pebbles are gorgeous and the elephant is adorable (future present idea!) However, I was delighted to find out that there are also collectable Christmas fountainheads. So now, I’ve even been able to include my fountain in my Christmas decorating with my festive Christmas snowman. There are three heads to choose from, too!

The Hydria fountain kit usually costs £199.99 (with free 48 hour delivery). However, if you use the code AUTUMN yours will only cost £149.99 AND you’ll get a free collectible too. That’s a huge saving of £75!*

Just look at that cute snowman! I love it and I’m sure whoever you decide to gift it too will as well!

2. Polymer Clay Jewellery

Know someone crafty, or who likes quirky jewellery? Kikkerland’s Polymer Clay Jewelry set is the perfect gift! It’s something a little different and will allow their jewellery to be as unique as them!

It comes with everything they need to get started. It comes with a good range of colours and cutters. All they need it an oven to bake it!

My first attempt took about 50 minutes from start to finish and I was pretty pleased with the result!

This kit retails for £25.

3. Zero Water

Drinking water is important for our health, but is what’s in our tap water healthy? Sometimes I wonder, especially when it comes out cloudy, with an odd taste or funny smell. Luckily buying bottled water isn’t the only way to get pure water! While most filtering jugs only have a 2 stage system, Zero Water has a 5 stage system, which removes up to 99.6% of total dissolved solids (TDS). Take a better look at this diagram:

So it gets rid of chlorine, bits of aluminium, zinc and lead from old pipes and any other contaminants that have got in there. 1 filter is equivalent to around 150 plastic bottles of water! 500ml of water will cost about 8p to filter, saving a lot of money on shop bought bottles.

It comes with a tester, so you can see how many total dissolved solids are in the water. In my glass of tap water, there were an astonishing 220! When I used my Zero Water jug there was a beautiful 0 displayed (hence the name, Zero Water!)

If you know someone who drinks a lot of water (or even squash), this would be a brilliant present for them! I’ve actually heard that filtered water makes tea taste so much better too!

A 7 cup pitcher like mine retails for £29.99 and is perfect for fridge doors! Other sizes and bundles are available. If you’re quick there are Black Friday deals on!

4. Flower Paper Kit

Does the person you’re struggling to buy for write letters, like stationery or making things? The Kikkerland Flower Paper kit sounds like the present for them!

This kit comes with everything they need to make cute floral paper as well as three envelopes.

It’s good for recycling too, as you blend up shredded paper with water.

This set retails for £22.50.

5. Fixits

Last, but certainly not least, we have Fixits! These handy mouldable bioplastic fixing sticks are so useful for repairing and crafting things.

You can make loops for items so you can hang them on a hook, fix the arm of your glasses and your kid’s toys. You can repair leads and create a new zip pull. The possibilities seem endless! It’s one of those things that everyone needs in their drawer ready waiting for that “Oh no, how am I going to fix it?” moment where tape and glue aren’t options. I bet your “someone who has everything” doesn’t have these! And who doesn’t love a practical gift?

All you have to do to use a Fixit is dunk it in hot water for a minute, mould a bit and use it as you wish! It’s so easy! They’re even reusable. Just heat it, take it off and it’s ready to go again! In a world where we’re so materialistic and so used to throwing things away, this is a much needed product.

I used about half a stick to repair the cracks in my daughter‘s bin. I mean, what’s the point in buying a new one anyway? The kids will just manage to crack that too!

Generally, a pack of 3 Fixits retails for £9.99. However, there is currently a sale! Various bundles are available and if you use the discount code AUTUMNSMUMMY you will get an additional 10% off between now and Christmas. Oh and shipping is free when you spend £4.99 and over. Yay!

Disclosure: I received the aforementioned products for free/other financial incentives in return for including them in this gift guide. As always, all views and opinions are my own. I only include products in gift guides that I believe to be genuinely good and that I would gift to friends and family myself!

*Please note this is an affiliate code. As a small business owner, you’ll be helping me to buy my family’s Christmas presents while buying yours. Thank you! 🙂