A letter to my daughter at 5 months old

Dear Autumn,

Firstly, you’ve grown so much more hair over the last couple of weeks! Where has it all come from all of a sudden? I love stroking it, it’s so soft. We can definitely see that it’s blonde now, the same colour as your beautiful long eyelashes.

This has been a month with many more firsts for you. On Valentine’s Day, you got your first Valentine’s Day card (from Daddy). He also bought you a cute little toy bee that sings “Be my baby”. You were absolutely mesmerised. The same day, I took you to a mother and baby group and you took a liking to a little boy there called Michael! He couldn’t take his eyes off of you – I don’t blame him, you’re gorgeous. His mum and I decided that you were each other’s valentines. In reality, I think you were probably just interested in his bib!

Another first was when we went to baby bounce and rhyme at the library. You seemed to enjoy all the singing, bouncing on my lap and me lifting you into the air! Your favourite part, however, was when you were laying on the rug with the other babies. All the grown-ups were singing and gently wiggling a large scarf above you all. You kept looking from the scarf to me and smiling. I’ll definitely be taking you back there, I was so glad it made you happy. Your smile is quite possibly my most favourite thing ever. When bounce and rhyme was over, I signed you up to the library and you got your first library card! We borrowed a few books for you too, but you were hungry and impatient when Mummy was choosing them, otherwise we’d probably have brought more home.

You’ve enjoyed the library books we’ve read together so far and you enjoy the books we have in your room at home too. I think reading is possibly becoming one of your most favourite things (just like Mummy when she was a little girl!) You’re so intelligent; you look at and have more of an interest in books than I ever thought a baby could have at your age. You look at books when they’re being read to you and try to hold them.

You like touching the pages, especially when they’re books like the ‘That’s not my…’ range that have textures in them! I bought you That’s not my dinosaur the other week and you especially love the last dinosaur with the soft purple spines! We no longer have to hold your hand and help you feel the textures, you do it yourself. You’re so grown-up and clever, little one! You’re growing much too fast for my liking.

You’re so aware of everything going on around you now, which is probably why you had separation anxiety when Daddy and I went on a date. When I took you to your first baby massage session last week, you hardly paid any attention to me at all. You were just interested in looking around the room at the other babies! Still, you seemed happy and I enjoyed it.

You also got your first car this month. Nanna and Grandad bought it for you and although you’re a little too small, Daddy held you on it and scooted you around a little bit. You absolutely loved it and had a huge smile!

You still adore your play gym and are becoming more and more able to interact with the toys on it. You also love when Mummy and Daddy pretend to eat you and make ‘nom, nom, nom’ noises under your chin. Another of your favourite things at the moment is when Daddy and I hold you in the air and call you a tall baby. You always have a big smile on your face – especially when Daddy does it, as he’s much taller!

One of the best things is seeing you look so podgy and well after everything you went through when you were smaller. I loved squishing your cute little thighs at baby massage!

You have such a cheeky little personality already. You make me laugh so much when you laugh at us when we’re changing a particularly messy nappy, or when you do things like trying to suck my nose!

I’m really looking forward to the next month with you, watching you learn more new things and giving you your first proper foods!

All my love always, Mummy xxx

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  1. Aww bless, she’s a right cutie! My youngest is almost 6 months so pretty similar in age. It goes so bloody fast! #bigpinklink

  2. This is such an utterly adorable post. I always think that out of all of our blogging posts, in years to come these milestone ones will be the ones that we cherish the most. I particularly love the valentine from Daddy, definitely one to save and show her when she’s older. Thank you so much for sharing such s lovely post with us at #PostsFromTheHeart

  3. Thank you, I definitely agree. I have a special box for her which has things like all the cards from when she was born in it, so the Valentine’s Day card will be going in there 🙂 Thank you for commenting xx

  4. Oh how adorable! She is such a cutie and it’s lovely that you have this as a reminder for when she is older. Bounce and rhyme was one of our top activities all those years ago. Thanks for joining us at the #bigpinklink

  5. That face!! She’s so gorgeous. I love her little car. You have reminded me to start a bit of reading with my little munch. She does just eat the pages. 🙂 Time does fly with them. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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