Review: Misfittens Surprise Stuffed Animals

Review (Gifted)¦ We are a family of cat lovers and the internet has only endeared me more to them. They’re just such memeworthy animals and some of the videos and photos you see online are just hilarious. One of the best types of content is #IfIFitsISits – cats fitting into small places! If there’s a small space or a box, you can bet cats will try to fit into it! That’s what sparked inspired the cute and comical Misfittens. There are 12 to collect and they’re squeezed into a tight container. Simply shake them out for cuddles and be amazed at how they double in size! They’re super squishy though, so they can squeeze back into tiny places. If they fits, they sits!

Cats Love Small Places

I’ve lost count of the strange places my cats have sat in over the years. One of my favourite photos of my parents’ cat, Lily, is still this one from 12 years ago. I had some new headphones delivered and she immediately got in the box. At one point, it looked like it was a box with a fluffy tail!

Our cat, Maisie, has been known to squeeze into small places, too. The other Christmas the living room was a mess of things strewn everywhere. I looked next to me to see her laying in a very strange position in a nigh-empty Christmas card box! She seemed perfectly happy and comfortable watching us unwrap presents.

When she was a kitten, we actually thought we’d lost her once! We looked everywhere and couldn’t find her. She’d actually squeezed herself into the tiniest space between the back of the sofa and the arm! These days she quite enjoys sitting in plant pots.


Bearing in mind the way our zany furry friends behave, it makes total sense to have a cat toy that fits into small spaces! Misfittens come in small containers (each with their own unique design) with their tails sticking out. They won’t escape on their own, though. They need your help to “get meowt!”

Amazingly, after a quick shake they double in size! Just look how BIG they get!

They’re super squishy and soft see what other spaces you can squeeze them into and then you can put them back in when you’re done playing!

There are 12 different cats to collect. We got Knox and Stitch! Who will you find?

You can buy your Misfittens from Amazon or from all good toy retailers!

Disclosure: We received 2 Misfittens for the purpose of writing this review and social media content. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.