3 Easy Ways to Add Sparkle to the Nursery

Collaborative post¦ Got a tiny new arrival in your home? Or just want to revamp your nursery space to bring the magic back? When it comes to designing your home nursery room, it’s important to get the balance right between style and practicality. You want the space to be stylish since it’s in your house. However, you’re also conscious that your child will be growing up here so it’s essential to make this a space that benefits their cognitive development. Using these 3 quick tips, you can make sure to do both:

  1. Design your nursery’s blueprint

Before buying things to go into your nursery, it’s important to design the blueprint of your space. Consider how much furniture can fit into the room – is there enough space for a cot? A bed? A play area? Storage units and multipurpose seating areas are great ways to fit more into your nursery without leaving it too cluttered, and adapting your bay windows with storage will give you a scenic view while also providing with you more drawers to fill. While the room is empty, it’s also a great time to consider adding wall art. An eye-catching mural is a perfect way to add character to the room and allows you to play with unique textures to let your personality shine through. 

  • Add in the décor

The first part of adding decor is choosing the nursery’s colour scheme. Even if you’ve got a specific theme ready for your nursery space, soft colour palettes like pastels and light tones create a calm and non-stimulating environment for both you and the baby. Resist the urge to overdecorate or over-accessorize to keep the room easy to maintain. Also remember that cot bumpers look pretty but are dangerous. Unfortunately, several babies have died as a result of their use. If you do want to add character to the space, colourful lampshades are out of reach and aren’t too overstimulating. They are sure to be popular with children for years to come.  

  • Finish with a touch of sparkle

Now you’ve got a hold on the general layout of the room and have started to add some basic decor like paint and lampshades, it’s time to make it their own by finishing with a touch of sparkle. As your child grows, adding personality to their own space will add comfort and make them feel like they have their own area just for them in your home. Consider plush toys, handmade accessories like mobiles, and oversized big soft animals like squishmellows. 

If you’re thinking of redecorating your home nursery room, use these 3 tips to break the redecoration process into easy steps. By following this advice, you can quickly design the perfect room for your little one that is stylish, and fun – but also practical. Remember, you want to make a space that can grow with your baby too!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.